In the 10th MBC drama ‘The Banker’ 9th and 10th, MBC’s Kim Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) was investigating the unfairness of employment.

On the same day, Roh Dae-ho said, “There was a labor office on the list of the head of the department, but there was no performance there than the princess office, but it was not closed.

“We wanted to organize the line in front of the branch office at the time of branch closure,” said Mr. Soo-ji, who said, “How can we do such a thing without hesitation? .

“I do not need to talk about it a lot,” said Hsu – ji, who said, “It ‘s a battlefield. “He asked.

Hsu-ji said, “It’s 20% of the whole point, and I think that it will end with the vice-president’s decision to set the standard by flying hundreds of branches. Do not misunderstand me. I believe it to be an arbitrary decision. “

Also, the swordsman suggested to Han Sang-ji, “Come under me, stand on my line.” “I do not know who I am,” said Han Ji-jae, “I have never been before, and I do not think so.” Soon-jae said, “I am the man who has survived the battlefield.

In addition, the delegator received a request from a large-scale new employee public debt interview. Korean bank bonds also went abruptly in the process of raising power by Gangsamdo (a mobile bank). 

The delegate excluded him from the final interview when he asked a difficult question to the interviewer Kim who had to pass the personnel department as a mistake. “It is not you, but I am the leader of the bank,” Kim said to Kim, “Do not be discouraged.”

After that, Kim went to visit the Dae-ho and said, “It seems that there is a problem in recruiting this new employee, so I need your help, and I was excluded from the final interview as a personnel manager. .

The Roh immediately went to the Auditor and ran to the Auditorium and said, “I am asking you now, what are you doing?” Roh said, “Sir, what are you doing now?”

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