Kim Tae-woo was attacked by the deputy, and Kim Sang-jung was surprised.

In the drama MBC drama “The Banker” 19-20 times broadcasted on April 25 (Hyeon Jeong Seo Eun Jeong Bae Sang Wook / Director Lee Jae Jin), Higgon (Kim Tae Woo) was attacked.

When Roh Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) suspected his intention to propose his position as a US corporation to Gangsam Do (Dong-geun), he told him to ask him anything that Gang Sam-do had no other intention. I flew fastballs. Kang Sam-do said, “Is not that what the ministry of guilt (guided) is doing?”

So Roh tried to investigate Diwon plan continuously, and Seo Bo-gul (Ahn Yeon-min) Moon Hong-joo (Cha In-ha) got a chance to look again at data at Busan Data Center and started as Busan. In the meantime, Gangsam-do held a press conference to apologize for illegal loans at Yongbuk branch, and at that time Yongbuk branch manager embroidered himself. Meanwhile, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) gave an audit as an excuse for illegal loans at the North Korea branch.

Park Jin-ho (Min Myeong-ryu) of the Financial Supervisory Commission (KFSI) has been trying to persuade Kang Sam Do without even acknowledging it. Thank you for trying to take the weak point of the rogue, but to try to force a bribe to the Noh Hsol (Park Seo-yeon) daughter of Roh, but Hansol said “Tell your father directly. I do not want to give it to me because my father does not accept it. “He escaped from the crisis by running away.

The audit team, which did not find any other weaknesses from the Roh Dae – ho, created a fake document that the Roh had tried to cover the private information processing room of Cheong – ju ‘ However, it turned out that it was manipulated by the audit team of the Financial Supervisory Service, not by the Bank of Korea Audit Office, because of the role of Seo Bulglu Moon Hoangju (Shin Hyun Hyun). In the end, the auditing team could not find the corruption.

Higgon noticed that he sent a document to Hansuji through a freelance journalist who had been sent to the US, and he noticed that Hansuji bought the original copy of the Diwon plan document and went to the position of Gangseo and trading deputy. Higgon met Hansuji in person and questioned the fact, but Hansuji extended his flippers. Higgon informed Roh that he had made a deal with Gangseo.

In the meantime, ‘The Best’ made up of the jaebeol scandals turned to the side to hold back the Diwon plan due to the business disruption caused by the final number (Kim Byungki), and Bae Dong Seok changed his mind as he tried to plan the Diwon. Someone came to see such a pearl stone and said, “I will let you know how to live.” Soon Bae Dong-seok told Higgon, “I will let you know about the corruption of the bank.”

Higongon accompanied Roh Dae-ho on the way to meet Bae Dong-seok, and Roh was sold to the other department. When the old man called to see Bae Dong – seok first while he was talking on the phone, he was immediately stabbed by the knife, and the old man was surprised and called an ambulance.

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