Tomorrow By Together released their debut album, ‘Dream of the Star: STAR (Star of the Dream: Star)’, on each online music site on March 4 at 6:00 pm.

Tomorrow BiToGuarder is a new boy group released by Big Hit Entertainment (Big Hit), which debuted the group bulletproof boy band in 2013 in six years. Starting with Suwon Leader, it consisted of five people including Fed, Kyunggyu, Tae Hyun, and Hoon Kai.

Before their debut, they were attracted to domestic and international attention as modifiers such as’ the second idol of big hit ‘and’ group of bullying boys’ brother ‘. BigHeat introduced TomorrowVitogether, which will showcase BigHit DNA, which inherits the merits of bulletproof boys.

In his debut album, ‘Dream Chamber: STAR (Dream Chamber: Star)’, there are 5 songs. Slow Rabbit, a big hit division producer who participated in works such as bulletproof boy band hit songs ‘Butterfly’, ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever’ and ‘Stigma’ From the popular genre of the 1990s and 1990s, he reinterpreted various musical genres such as synth pop, hip hop, and soft modern rock in a trendy style.

In particular, I focused on the track style of music that clearly shows the color of the team, rather than solving the whole narrative of the album. Through this album, I solved the story focusing on the experiences that boys face during their growth. I was a ‘me’ who can not do anything on my own, but I told him that I could meet you and say that if we were together, I could do something.

Tracks that have been featured on the title track are track 2 ‘CROWN’. Shinsepop is trendy, energy and modern. The dynamic synth sound and the contemporary melody form an exquisite harmony. The sophisticated and cheerful sound adds to the colorful vocals of the members, completing the track with the unique appeal of Tomorrow by Together. This is a track that clearly contrasts with the debut song “NO MORE DREAM”, a debut boy band debut reinterpreting the hip-hop sound of the 90s with the sensibility of 2013.

The message in the song is also impressive. In the process of growing from a childhood to a boy, I express the puberty growth crotch as a horn and unique lyrics. One day I was confused by the sudden change of the horns in my head, but the encounter with you, which is different from me, resembled the boy ‘s heart that starts to shake.

In the music video, the attraction of Tomorrow by Together alone shines. It utilizes the latest technologies such as augmented reality (AR), motion graphics, and cartoon animation to create a sense of style and sophistication. The five members in the video boasted a cheerful boy beauty by digging a lively big hit style choreography.

The record to write down through this album is also anticipated. It is a situation that has made remarkable achievement before debut. According to iRiver of Tomorrow by Together album distributor, “The Chamber of Dreams: STAR” recorded a total of 104,385 orders in just three days from 11 am to 10 pm on February 19. It is exceptionally high as a rookie. Although there is no guarantee that the amount of pre-order will necessarily lead to sales of actual albums, it is highly likely that sales of music retailers, which are sensitive to market demand, will lead to actual sales corresponding to the quantity ordered by distributors. We can confirm the high interest and expectation of Tomorrow by Together.

Tomorrow By Together will debut at Mnet ‘s debut sale show on July 4 at 7 pm. On the afternoon of the 5th, we will hold a showcase for reporters and fans at the Yes 24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, and show off the new stage.

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