Kim Soo-yong, a comedian, told the episode that he was accused of smuggling crocodile leather.

The comedians Kim Soo Yong and Ji Seok Jin appeared as guests on JTBC ‘Thank you for the refrigerator’ broadcast on June 10th.

Kim Sung-joo said, “Do you suffer from panic disorder?” Kim Soo-yong explained that he was “an airport disorder, not a panic disorder.” Kim said, “I have a lot of airport obstacles because of the dark circles. In the past, many of them were caught by customs because of their appearance. Drug suspicion has received a lot, “he said.

“I once went to America and when I arrived there was a customs warning lock on my suitcase. He said he was accused of smuggling crocodile leather. This is a dry snack, ‘Snake?’ He said, “No,” and then I was tortured with anger, and then I let him go, “he laughed.

“Even the doctor who wanted to treat dark circles called the doctor,” said Kim Su-yong. “I wavered and refused,” he said. Regarding the reasons for rejection, Kim Soo-yong said, “It was rather cast as a dark circle character. 

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