On the 8th, JTBC ‘Idol Room’, a comprehensive programming channel, was broadcasted on the afternoon of August, and a special feature of Oh My Girl X on & off was drawn.

Hyojung said, “We have a suitable shot for the idol 999, so we launched a support shot.” Seung Hee shouted, “The brilliant future of WM!”

The Dominican MC said, “Hyojung did you until what time! We said, ‘I said,’ and revealed a laugh. Eision said, “When we were thinking about gestures, Hyo-Jung told me that he would let me know.” However, when I made the gesture, I added a revelation that Seung-hee pointed out ‘I learned from whom’ and added a laugh.

Jays added, “Sunghee gives a lot of energy.” The long-term pride of On & Off, proud of senior Seung-Hee Seung-Hyo and Hyo-Jung, began. The first was a sweet a cappella. After the song, Hyo-jeong and Seung-hee are forced to impress after showing the siren reaction. Defcon raised his thumb, saying, “You are the master of injection reactions.” After On & Off dances, Hyojung also shows a storm reaction saying, “Who can see you?”

Authentic idol 999 individual evaluation took place. Prior to this, Seung Hee presented his self-introduction from the first to the thirty times, and received an A with an amazing clip.

At this time, MK received attention as the best narcissism. Kang Dong-won and Jung Woo-sung said that they thought they were the same in appearance. MCs gave up the evaluation, and Hyo-jeong and Seung-hee showed their junior love to recognize A grade. A personal battle with Seung Hee unfolded, and Seung Hee showed chickens and MK horse personalities. Yoo performed a beat split dance, which was applauded for showing the perfect beat split dance.

Special performances of Hyungdon and Daejun’s ‘MUMBLE’ also surprised everyone, and the 19th member of Idol 999 was selected as the title.

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