Kyung-Su Jin introduced, “It’s been 8 years since I moved and 3 months have been moved.” Gyeongsujin’s house was acclaimed with a relatively large terrace open to the public, which was introduced as one living room and one room.

Gyeongsujin was surprised by the fact that he had installed the wall installed on the terrace, calling it ‘Gyeongsu Construction’ and ‘Kyungbanjang’. Kyung Soo Jin admired his skill as he made the outdoor unit blindfold at once. Kyungsujin smiled, “I like electric drill,” and smiled as he was proud after completing the work.

In addition, Kyung Soo Jin transformed into a “ major director ” and visited his friend’s studio. Kyung Soo Jin’s serious attitude is to get on the ladder and concentrate on hanging curtains. Kyung-jin, who showed off his interior skills in his friend’s office, borrowed a ladder and headed home.

Kyungsujin moved up the house without the elevator and carried the luggage for the interior. The rainbow members were astonished that only half of the apples had been eaten by Kyung Soo until all this was done.

Kyungsujin enjoyed the dance by seeing the finished lighting and the interior props on the terrace.

Kyungsujin said she likes cooking and is good at Korean food. At a well-mealed meal, Kyung-Su-jin said that she usually eats beautifully. “It’s my happiness. It’s a way to love me.” Kyung Soo humed as he ate dinner on the terrace.

Han Hye-yeon’s schedule in Paris continued on this day. Han Hye-yeon enjoyed shopping by buying the necessary props at ‘Bangbufly Market’. Han Hye-yeon said, “If you look at the things that seem to go crazy. I forget to stay home.” Han Hye-yeon shared the gifts for Rainbow members in Paris and shared the warm atmosphere.

Han Hye-yeon then visited the vintage shop, and rainbow members were given useful tips on shopping the vintage shop. Han Hye-yeon explained about visiting the vintage shop, “It’s like studying mountain history. It becomes a property for me.”

Han Hye-yeon, who finished her schedule at the show, visited the acquaintance’s house in France. An acquaintance was invited to Han Hye-yeon who wants to eat rice. Han Hye-yeon enjoyed dinner in France, including Bongdae Tteok, Yukgaejang, Gimbap, and Korean food, Kanpunggi, and Pepper Japchae. Han Hye-yeon laughed while having a conversation with Yoo’s mother, who served her food.

Han Hye-yeon told me about participating in the fashion week, “It is a great help in the work.

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