On the 26th, SBS Entertainment ‘Little Forest’ welcomed the new little children, while the existing members Little Lee Lee Hyun and Eugene came back. However, as Eugene became more ill again, the caregivers welcomed his uncle, Lee Seung-gi and his aunt Jung So-min, with a smile to solve the awkwardness of their children. 

Lee built a house on a tree that was romance since childhood. I learned woodworking myself and made a tree house. 
After completing this for over a month, Lee Seung Gi said, “Uncle was built.” Meanwhile, Lee Han who arrived. Then Brooke and Grace arrived. 

Lee Seo Jin made seafood ‘Arancini’ for children. In the meantime, a new little appeared Jung Heon. Lee Han, Grace, and Brooke were also shy. In particular, Grace actively approached Chung Heon-yi and puzzled everyone. 

Lee Han-yi also showed interest in Chung Heon-yi. Lee Han-yi said he was one year older than Jung-heon, and he showed a heavy burden. Thanks to the two little girls who turned into class workers, they finished the lunch job easily. Park Narae, who saw this, was “competitive, well done” and was interested. 

But for a while, Lee Han-yi approached Chung Heon-i and said, “Let’s play with me.” Exciting little children even had a balloon. 

In the meantime, the children decided to visit Lee’s tree house. The dream house in the forest is finally released.  
The children sprinted to find a house they had been waiting for, saying, “The house was all over.” The cozy interior space and the front courtyard spread out outside the window. Lee was also proud of what the children liked. 

Lee also tested the safety with the children. He said, “Now let’s decorate the house together here.” The children were decorating with a variety of natural materials, from stones to twigs and flowers. Jung Hun Lee used a rope to fully operate his imagination, and the children all worked together to move a big log with a rope.

On the way back to the hostel, the children suggested running. Lee Seung-ki was exhausted, but Jung-heon showed his stamina to play hide-and-seek. Suddenly, hide-and-seek began, and never-ending hide-and-seek slumped.  

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