Shin Sung-rok turned his mother, Shin Eun-kyung, and so on to protect Chang.

In the 29th and 30th episodes of the SBS drama “The Empress of the Empress” (Playwright Kim Sun-ok / Directed by Dong-min Lee) on January 9th, a picture of Emperor Lee Hyeok (Shin Sung-rok) who showed love for Empress Ohani .

The bodyguard Nawang Sik (Chun Woo-bing / Choi Jin-hyeok) searched for the mother’s body through the statement of Min-yuura (Elijah). She was watching her appearance. Woo Sensei (Kim Myung-soo) kidnapped such Min-Yura.

Emperor Lee Hyeok hugged Emperor Oh Sunny, who woke up from a nightmare. Oh Sunny pushed Lee, and slapped her cheek. Oh Sunny said, “I warned you. Do not come into my room with a sneer. ” Oh Sunny drove Lee Hyuk. Lee Hyuk said, “Oh, it’s funny. It stimulates even the struggle to struggle, “he said.

Naomi reaffirmed revenge for Lee Hyeok and Min Yura in front of Oh Sonny and her mother. Oh Sonny comforted hugging the omnipotent king. Oh Sonny said, “I will protect this person” toward Nae-king.

Lee reveals jealousy towards Oh Sunny. Lee ordered Hyun to redecorate his stay at Oh Sunny. Taehu Kang (Shin Eun-kyung) knew the fact and invited Seok Kang-hee. Taehu Kang instructed Seok Kang to help him and to expel Sonny. Seo Kang-hee confessed that seven years ago, he heard the voice of Emperor Sohyeon (Seo Eun-min) and Taehu Kang.

Seven years ago, Emperor Kang and Empress Sohyeon were killed because of the secret of Kanggumdo. Empress Sohyeon said, “I knew the secret of Renggukdo. I will open a press conference to reveal the truth. ” Taehu Kang went to Lee Hyuk in that way and confessed with the affair with Empress Sohyeon and the guard Kang Ju-woo (Yugun min). Lee Hyeok was deceived by Mr.

Ohello (Stephanie Lee) sees a secret love with Prince Taejoon Lee (Oh Seung-yoon) to his father Ohgum-mo (Yun Da-hoon). Ogumo did not pay the profits but Ouho. O’Hello shouted, “Your father is right?”

Lee has made every effort to tempt him. Oh Sonny recalled the omnipotent fever when he saw Lee. Oh Sunny said, “Is it funny to have a world? Others are torn from the stones you threw. ” Lee said, “Why are you so difficult for me? It’s easy for Chun Woo-bing. ”

Oh Sunny was worried about her. Oh Sunny healed the wounds of Naeungik himself. Ohannny was worried that “I can cure this wound, but what should I do to hurt my heart?” The two men exchanged their gentle eyes. Naeungik has been showing affection to Oh Sunny for his shawl.

Oh Sunny and Viseon decided to find Kang Ju – woo to find out the secret of. At the same time, Gang Ju Seung recalled the past by repeatedly using the name Min Yoo in a mental hospital. Gangju was the son of Min Yura and the father of Nadong-sik.


Naeung-sik received the paper company data of Taehu Kang from Sojin Jinju (Lee Hee-jin). The evil princess was angry at her, and declared that she would completely trust her. On the other hand, Prof. Lee thought that Lee Hyuk was associated with death of Oh Sonny’s mother. Profit told Lee. Lee was shocked to find out that she had taken her mother’s life.

Oh Sunny found a secret torture room in Taehu Kang as a clue to Sho Hyun diary. Lee was suffering from guilt. Taehu Kang carried out a plan to defeat Oh Sunny. Taehu Kang instructed Oh Sunny to host the Imperial Bazaar. Oh Sunny carried out the Imperial Bazaar alone without reform. Naeungik did not hide the anxiety. Naeungik strengthened the guard against Oh Sunny.

Naeung-sik won the antique clock, a bazaar item that Choi Choi (Lee Soo-ryun) had separately. Naeungik’s intuition was right. The antique clock was a time bomb. Time bombs blew up, but Nathan was blown, but Oh Sunny was wounded. Meanwhile, Lee Hyeok arrived at the bazaar hall. Naeungik did not know herself and showed her sharpness.

Lee Hyeok was rushed to Taehu Kang. Taehu Kang asked, “Did you embrace the Empress?” Lee said, “I will keep it.” Taehu Kang provoked, “Have you ever kept the things your majesty dearly loved?” Lee said, “So I will keep this time, Empress.”

Oh nanny did nursing Oh Sunny, and the spirit-minded Oh Sunny said, “Do not go, I’m scared. “I do not have to worry, I’ll be there.”

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