In the SBS drama “The Empress of the Empress” broadcast on the 13th, Yi Hyuk (Shin Sung Rok) removed the evidence of the imperial court and showed her obsession by forcing a kiss to Oh Sunny.

On that day, Naeung-sik (Choi Jin-hyeok) fell into the trickery of Lee Hyeok and Taehu (Shin Eun-kyung). He then pointed to his death by referring to his death. He asked, “Why could not you have killed me, and why did not you kill me?” And I said, “I could not kill you that easily, the people of the world should see your ugly people inside the mask.

However, the Imperial Guard was drawn to Lee ‘ However, Naeungik has taken down the gun which Lee Hyuk tried to find the nastiness that was captured by the hostage. Then, as soon as Lee hit the gun on Naeung-sik, Oh Sunny stopped and stopped. Oh Sunny told Lee, “What are you doing to someone who does not have a gun? How many times do you intend to kill this person? Do not you have enough bullets in your head? ”

Lee was shocked at the fact that Oh Sunny knew the true identity of Naomi. He then pointed his gun at O’Shanny and O’Shanny stood up, “Shoot and shoot.” However, Lee Hyuk finally ordered the SS to drag Nawang. Afterwards, Naeungik and Oh Sunny were imprisoned, but the SS said, “Only one of them has treated us like a man.”

Afterwards, Naeung-sik said, “Lee will not let you go. I will solve it. ” Naeungik was on the roadside and tried to kill him as my mother had suffered. However, when Lee Hyeok walked away, he drove to the front of Lee.

After that, the two men fought hard, and Nayung-sik shot his gun, “Feel the loss of each one you care for.” He leaped himself towards the valley. However, Lee Hyeok survived without surviving.

At that time, the mother-in-law regarded Naeung-sik as having violated Lee, and called Seo Gang-hee (Yun-sik) to rush the prince’s daughter of Princess Ari (Oarin). However, Seok Kang Hee and Tae Hoo harshly disciplined Princess Young, and Princess Ari, who became her granddaughter, struggled with a heavy schedule.

Although he was convinced that he would become his legal representative, the prime minister said that the ultimate decision maker is the silver empress in the United States. The Emperor was excited, “What do you deserve as a brother to be kicked out of drugs,” but the Empress is already on his way home.

On the other hand, Lee Hyeok, who had been a survivor, barely survived, returned to the palace and went to visit Sunny and apologized. But Ohannon wondered, “What the hell is that?” He said to Lee Hyeok, who returned to life, “Take a stamp on the divorce papers and drive out Sonny from the palace.” Lee Hyeok revealed the obsession toward Oh Sunny, calling it “a couple’s work”.

At that time, Naeung-sik helped the hardest citizens in his name by using the slush funds of the womb. He was released to the news titled “Don King Nawang” and fired a cool room for his wife. Angered, he went to Sunny to find out what he had done, beat his cheek and put him in prison.

On the day, Seo Kang-hee went to Gangju (Yugun), which he had hidden, and lied that Taehu and Lee had killed Sookmyung Empress. He then invited Gang Ju – woo to remember about the seven thousand years before and after the war. In the process, Gang Ju Sung told Seo Kang-hee that he met Min Yura (Lee Elija) in the psychiatric hospital.

Ari asked the princess, crying, “I’m being held in prison.” So Lee rushed to prison and rescued Sonny. However, Oh Sunny showed a cold half to Lee. Ari princess cried as she confessed to the fact that Seo Kang-hee lied to her on the day of the raids of Hwang Tae-jae (Oh Seung-yoon).

In addition, O’Shanny made up his own side of the court, as well as Min Yura, and collected information about Seok Kang Hee and Taehu. The two noticed the fact that the person who pulled Kang Ju-woo out of the mental hospital was Seo Kang-hee.

The Emperor did not stop evil by abducting the Emperor, who returned home as a special auditor of the imperial family. However, Naeung – sik pursues the Emperor of Emperor and rescues the Emperor of the Emperor.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, Ohnny pulled out all the evidence of the imperialism that Lee had gathered from Lee’s secret safe and burned it. After that, he shouted, “I live like a dead rat as a woman until I die.” He showed a strong obsession with Kissing Oh Sonny.

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