Davichi released a new digital single “My Last Say I Did not Tell You” soundtrack and music video at 6 pm on the 17th. Having announced his 10th anniversary last year with his regular album ‘& 10’ and his new song “We Were Not There Before”, Davichi starts his 11th year of musical activities, which became even harder with his comeback. A new version has been born with a big love song that has been loved by everyone.

“My last words I could not tell you” written by Lee Hyeong – ri and Kang Min – kyung in their own words is a song that expresses a woman ‘s heart that still misses her lover whom he loved even after parting. It’s been a long time since the two women’s room, which was released in 2015, The two, boasting a delicate but rich line of emotions, showed their team colors in their own colors.

The song is followed by alternating between Hallyu and Kang Min Kyung. Kang Min-kyung mentions the small hope that “the angry winds want to believe your nonsense again.” Kang Min-kyung mentions Lee Hye-ryong, “Why do I have to forget why? When the two members’ super-loudness, such as the signature of Davichi music, comes out cooler, the sense of parting becomes deeper.

The long title of 12 letters means “I’ll be here when I miss you once I get to remember you someday,” and “I’ll be here. The confession of “I love you a long time even though I have been through a long night,” which was told in the preceding chorus, “Maybe I want to do something to you.”

Having been together for more than 10 years, Davichi has become a singer who gives listeners confidence. Davichi is now communicating more closely with his fans in a variety of ways. In recent years, the contents of ‘overflow’ cover and ‘reality’ Daiko (Daichi coin karaoke) ‘, which is shot by Kang Min-kyoung, is presented by Hyun-ri Lee.

On the comeback day, SBS Power FM Radio ‘DJ Kim’ s Power FM ‘started his activities with pleasure, and he is meeting with more audience this spring with various festivals and college festivals.

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