It is Omai girl who returned to maximize the new, girl sensibility while being the most Omai girl. Omai Girls’ new song, which will expand the world view and build the team’s story more firmly, will surely bring them the ‘fifth season’.

Omai Girls released their first full-length album, “The Fifth Season,” at 6 pm on August 8. This is the first album released for the first time by the group that debuted in the 5th year of the debut, so it has packed up the growth piled up all the time. It is the first regular album for Ohmy Girl, which means a new beginning and a turning point.

In that sense, Omai Girls’ first regular album title song “Fifth Season (SSFWL)” contains an extension of the stories that Omai Girls have sung so far. It is a total group of various concepts and emotions that have been shown in the past as a group that represents girl emotion. It has grown more and more, and it is showing the color of Ohmy Girl surely solidified by delivering deep luck.

‘Fifth Season’ is a song that compared the emotions of a pungent love approaching a girl to the fifth season. It is a song for Ohmy Girl with a lyrical lyric that is peculiar and pounding, and a feeling of a feeling that it is going up. Omai Girl, who has expressed her feelings for many years in the song, has put the mind of the mature girl into this song. It is the story of a girl who grew up with Oh My Girl.

It’s an impressive mix of emotional orchestration, pounding all-natural drum sounds, and modern electronic dance music sounds. The melody and sound that harmonize the girl emotion of Oma girl is harmonious. I can confirm the strength of ‘Omai Girl I Believe and Listen’ because it is a group music that is not obvious.

Lyrical lyrics not only reinforce the atmosphere of the song and strengthen the world view of Oh My Girl, but also add strength to build a solid story line and listen to the song. The atmosphere, the sensitivity, and the lyrics are perfect triplets. It is the fifth season, which is attracted to Omai Girls’ special performance.

“Lalalalalalala you bloom to me like a haze / lalalalalalalala you come to me and slowly from the horizon / to me slowly / will you stay in my heart now / imagined so far / I wonder what it feels like to be confused / I told you tenderly / You know that love can know right away. / You can recognize it without confusion. / Now I’m sure who it is. ”

Omai Girls is expanding the world view by including the growth of seven girls in their debut five years. It is expected that the step-by-step growth that has been repeated in one step will be full through the regular album announced in four years.

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