After the first divorce in her life, the movie “ Would Be Twice ” is a single life of three men and women who hang up to her old friend Sang-chul (Lee Jong-hyuk) in front of Hyun-woo (Kwon Sang-woo) who was barely freed from N-dimensional wife Sunyoung (Lee Jung-hyun). It is a comic romance dealing with.

The film begins with the strange cinematic story of divorce. The divorce, which is the subject of social discourse, was open to the public with strange tension and fun. ‘Women don’t work with each other’, growling Hyun-woo and Sun-young are realistic. Sunyoung’s four-dimensional temperament that appears repeatedly before her ex-husband, Hyun-woo, because she is bored after her divorce, and the laughter of Hyun-cheol, who is a pure love beginner, are faithful to the comedy genre.
In particular, Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Jong-hyuk’s reappearance of the film “ Tales of Cruelty ” raises the comicality of “ Do You Twice? ” Laughs burst out from the theaters when the words “Come to the Roof” were spoken as a device dating back to the school days of Hyun Woo and Sang Chul.
Kwon Sang-woo showed his close-type acting that gave up his handsomeness, and Lee Jung-hyun melted into a good acting power like his first debut. Lee Jong-hyuk also took off the image of ‘Compliant Dad’ and saved the face of poor love lover. In addition, actors such as Sung Dong-il, Sang-hoon Jung, Kim Hyun-sook, and Park Kyung-hye have filled the gap with their outstanding performances as expected.
The conclusion of the film is obvious. Hyun-woo and Sun-young realize the importance of each other late and pledge a new start. Of course, it’s still a happy ending, and I just hope the two don’t make the same mistake. The cliché is a bit messy, but it’s perfect for time killing.

‘Do twice?’ Will be released on October 17.

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