In addition, a new tension has been formed in the merger of Dandong and the active movement of Oh Hong-hak.

Music video was released on Mnet ‘s’ Sombody’ on the 21st.

The first was the music video of Lee Eui-jin and Lee Soo-jung. The two people expressed a process of becoming a lover in a friend and led to a response. Jung Yeon-soo said, “I think it’s great to have two people choreographed so well.”

Afterwards, the music videos of Han Seon Chun, Myeong Dyeol and Seo Jae Won were released. The three men recalled a happy past with a woman, expressing a man who was struggling between love and separation with dancing. Han Sun-cheon said, “I had to make haste, but the dew came along well. I did not even know that when I came in.” Myeong Dyul also said, “My brother has been good at rehab.”

On the other hand, a new air current was formed in ‘Sombody’ due to the merging of the dandruff and the active movement of Oh Hong-hak.

The female performers were seen from the beginning about the newly joined dandruff. Myeong Dus selected the Han Seon from the chance to choose MV partner and formed a strange rivalry with Seo Jae-won.

Han Seon-cheon and Seo Jae-won, who were practicing choreography, were surprised by the sudden merger of dandelion. In particular, Seo Jae-won failed to conceal the embarrassment of his rival. The dandruff showed tears to Han Seon-cheon on a tight schedule, and Han Seon-cheol comforted the dew.

Ohhonghak also showed a new thumb in expressing an active mind to Lee Joo Lee. Ohhonghak left behind in the thumbstay because he could not get his choice. He talked with me and arranged his mind. Soon Ohhong went out late at night and made everyone wonder.

Ohhonghak, who met Lee Ju-ri at home, expressed his heart to Lee Ju-ri, saying, “Let’s have a beer.” Ohhonghak, who drank alcohol, answered the question “How did you feel when you first saw it?”, “It’s a style that meets a lot of people and sets my mind, but …” I left a meaningful answer. He then expressed his feelings positively, saying, “Say it to me.”

Oh Hong-hak has actively approached me for wrapping a lunch box for Lee Jo-ri, who is practicing music video, and Kim Seung-hyuk watched it and an odd current was formed among the three people. The four people ‘s air flow to Jeong Yeon – soo made the thumbstay more nervous.

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