Yoon Jong-shin, who has been guarding his place, has left, and the gap is filled by Jung Jae-hyung and Jang Yoon-ju.

On the 11th, a press conference was held at Stanford Hotel, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Singer and composer Jung Jae-hyung, model Jang Yoon-ju and MC Jang Sung-kyu attended the scene.

Launched in May 2018, “ Football No.1 ” is a talk program that analyzes the content of movies from various angles, including society, culture, and history, and freely discusses them. 

The director of the program, Kim Mi-yeon, PD, said, “It seems to have come to this place with the love and attention of the audience.”

The new transformation

Yoon Jong-shin’s vacancy was filled by Jung Jae-hyung and Jang Yoon-ju. “I’m embarrassed, but my major was a movie,” Jang Yoon-ju said, “Well, there may be stories about women, but I think there will be a gaze that others cannot see.” Said aspirations. “There are a lot of filmmakers around (advised),” he said. He also showed infinite affection for his changing guests. “I feel unexpected energy when I meet people.”

Jang Yoon-ju stressed the role of communicating and talking with guests comfortably. He mentioned guest Jeon Yeon-yeon in the next episode and said, “I wanted to meet you once.” In addition, “Milyang” (where Jeon Do-yeon starring) is a movie I’ve seen repeatedly.
Jung Jae-hyung, newly cast along with Jang Yoon-joo, is responsible for balancing the program. Kim said, “I hoped that the person who could empathize with the creation would be MC.”

Kim changed the reason for not using the name of Season 2 despite the change in the composition of members. “I decided to continue the atmosphere with the feeling of reorganization because the fixed mania city hall was being built.”

Kim PD said, “I hope it will be a powerful broadcast that can give energy to tired and difficult people.”

He has been recruiting various filmmakers such as Park Chan-wook, Min Kyu-dong, and Joo Sung-cheol. And Bong Joon-ho will meet. ” 
The reason why he works so passionately is not because of the high ratings. Kim told me that the mother of a family who was tired of child-raising all day was courageous while watching the program, and a message of cheering that he could be encouraged by a can of beer and <1 row of corners> was heartbroken. I confessed. “There are many programs that point out the film more sharply than us,” he said. 

Jang Sung-gyu introduced himself as ‘Kwan Jong’ and said that this program will be listened to. “I think listening to the most advanced of conversational skills is listening.”

Jung Jae-hyung also said, “It is my role to allow the guest to tell more of their stories and I will stick to it.” I will tell the story of sharing experiences as colleagues rather than as adults. ” 

Meanwhile, the program airs every Sunday at 10:40 am.

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