On the 22nd, one media reported a lecture by rapper Gray and a broadcaster Song Dae Eun. The two of them have grown up to be acquainted with each other and have developed into lovers.

Gray said in a news story on the day, “Song Dae Eun is unfounded,” he said. “I was informed that it was not true to me,” said Song Dan, a member of the agency, Ian Eternity.

Both Gray and Song Da deny the devotees, and the enthusiasm of the two quickly evolved in 20 minutes.

Still, the public’s interest in Gray and Song Dae is still continuing. Immediately after the release of the article, both people are attracting a lot of attention, including posting their names on the portal site’s real-time search term.

Gray, on the other hand, has been loved as a producer and rapper for AomG Hunan musician. Song Dae has also received a lot of love from appearing on Channel A ‘Heart Signal 2’.

Song Dae – eun denied his rapport with rapper Gray.

On January 22, Song Eun-eun’s agency, Ian Einstei, said in an exports news “it’s not true to me”.

The previous media reported the association of Song Dae and Gray. The two people who have accumulated friendship have developed into a lover.

But within an hour of being reported, Gray denied the devotion. An official of Gray ‘s agency said, “Song Dae – eun and I do not have an open mind”.

Song Dae also denied it, and the epigrams quickly evolved.

Meanwhile, Gray is loved as a producer and rapper for AomG Hunan Musician, and Song Dae has earned her recognition on Channel A ‘Heart Signal 2’.

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