As Mina challenged her to leave the company alone, her first contract expiration was reported.

On the morning of the 13th, AOA agency FNC Entertainment announced the renewal of Jimin, Yuna, Hyejung, Sulyeon, and Myeongmi. 

However, he reported news of his failure to sign a contract with Ming. “We have been together for the last seven years and after a deep discussion with our members and the company, we decided to go a different way to have a new dream,” said FNC. “We decided to withdraw from the team in honor of Minka’s choice” .

In the afternoon of the same day, news of the contract termination of the child was passed. Choo, who previously declared his withdrawal from the team, is said to remain in contract with FNC Entertainment. However, FNC Entertainment said in its news story, “The agreement with Ulya has already expired.

The AOA, which debuted in 2012, attracted attention as a transformer-type girl group where both bands and dances were possible. Since then, he has started to focus on dancing from the 4th album, and he has been successively hit with ‘short skirt’, ‘single head’, ‘ Last year, “Bing Bangle” announced that it was still alive.

The AOA began with the first eight members, but now only five members remain. In the process of changing the team concept in 2016, the member Yoo Kyung left the team due to the contract expiration. The AOA, who entered the so-called ‘7th year of Ma’, was reorganized into a five-player team after leaving the team.

The remaining five members of the FNC plan to focus on personal activities for the time being. Sulyeon is cast in the main character of JTBC ‘My Country’, and it will match up with both family and Udo Fang. Chan Mi is working as an MC in Beauty Variety ‘Meet at the Shop’. Hyejung, Yuna and Jimin are also planning activities in their own fields. After the end of the individual activity, the team will spur the domestic and overseas activities again.

There is a growing interest in the five AOAs to be shown. No specific comeback schedule has yet come out, but fans have already expressed expectations for AOA to show the new five.

On the other hand, Mina, who left the team, is expected to transform into an actor. I am looking forward to more action in the future, as I am a former Mystery Queen who has accumulated experience in ‘The Mystery Queen 2’, ‘Mom’, ‘Modern Farmer’, ‘Ross Time Life: The Last Chance’

In the case of an infant who is known to have contract expiration, returning to the linked system is unclear. At the time of leaving the team, the agency said, “The team has left but the contract is not expired.” The fans were waiting for the return of the team or returning to other activities to support the end to the end. However, when the contract expired, it became impossible to know when and how to return from the company.

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