It is the birth of a new generation with solid ability to show live stage from the first debut showcase.

The bandit opened their debut showcase at the 4th pm on October 10 at the Movo Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul, to commemorate the release of their debut album “BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!” (Bandit, Be Ambiance!).

The Bandit consists of five members, Lee Yeon (leader), Song Hee (charming vocalist), Jung Woo (main vocals), Seongmyeong (pretty dance line) and Seung Eun (main dancer and youngest actor).

On their debut track “Hocuse Focus,” they showed live performances. It is no easy task for newcomers who have just finished their training camp and become the first day of their debut to show their stage live from the debut showcase. Especially in the media showcase that was held in front of the reporters, not the stage where the fans were crowded, it was an unusual thing, Especially, Jung Woo had a sudden accident that the microphone dropped out of the stage but he calmly pulled the stage to the end.

The Hocus Focus, a bandit that captivates the masses, is based on a mysterious flute sound. The song is accompanied by a mud baton and a trap rhythm. A variety of acoustic instruments are added to the trendy beat. It is a finished song. The bandit ‘s addictive spell of “Hocus Focus” will catch the crowd.

The bandit has been intensively asked about Qinghai in the sense that it is a “younger sister group”. Asked whether there was any pressure on the modifier, what message was received from the prosecution, what kind of seniors were asking, and the members spoke as if they were newcomers. In particular, Lee, who is a team leader, is also a junior at the same time, but also a friend.

Lee Yeon – eun said, “It was really hard when you gave me the title ‘Cheonghae brother’. We are very happy because we have a huge amount of practice, so we are very tired. ” Thank you for giving me a perfume gift this morning through my manager. ” Every time a teaser comes out, he writes a letter in the group chat room.

It is the bandit who received the passing score with the ability in the first step over the burden of ‘Cheonghae sister group’. The name was given to live praise, “I practiced with MR that is not laid under anything,” and “I exercised live while practicing flank postures and exercises.”

The role model of the bandit is Biwoi, Mamma. Lee Yeon-hee said, “I think that we want to become such a singer when we see the masami masters exchanging their eyes on stage.” “I want to be a group that the public is curious about,” said Sung.

The Showcase concluded by showing the stage again once again. The stage was more complete than the mere absence of Jung – woo ‘s micro – accident.

Bandit’s debut album will be released at 6 pm on this day.

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