In MBC evening drama “Yongwangnam Bowhisa” (play Choi Yeon-gul, directed by Choi Eun-kyung) broadcasted on the afternoon of the 14th, there was a picture of Shim Hyeok-gyu who was caught up in the accident trying to run Shim Cheong Lee (Lee So Yeon) who fled into the fire.

Shim Chung tried to jump into the fire, and the guide got away. However, Shim Chung shook hands with the guide and went on to say, “It’s over when you burn out.”

At this time, a sparkle flashed toward Shim Chung, and Shim Kyo – gyu fled to protect Shim Chung. In the midst of that, a flame sprang to the eyes of Shim. Shim Chung – gyu, when Shim – Gyu – gyu collapsed, weeping with tears.

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