On the afternoon of the 26th, a press release of the foreign currency ‘Hello Bailey’ was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Catherine Prescott and Henry attended the event. “ Hello Bailey ” is a film about the delightful N-th mission of the reborn dog Bailey. Katherine Prescott played singer wannabe CJ and Henry played friend Trent, who gave CJ courage and comfort.

‘Hello Bailey’ is a story about a dog. That’s why Catherine Prescott and Henry both stressed the need to pay attention to the film’s message. Katherine Prescott said, “If you watch our movie, it’s better to find a home for a dog than to buy a pet,” he said.

Henry said, “She’s a dog named Sung-hoon’s dog, Yang Hee, from the entertainment” I Live Alone. “It was good that people got to know more about” organic dogs. ” After watching, I will be able to leave the cinema with a warm heart. “

Goodbye Bailey is the sequel to Bailey Again, which has surpassed $ 200 million in global revenue. Produced by Steven Spielberg’s Studio Emblin Entertainment and directed by Gale Mancuso of the popular American drama Modern Family.

Henry challenged the film with young chef Mark in the 2014 Final Recipe. Goodbye Bailey is his second film. Henry said, “It was a great opportunity, and I was surprised when it came. I was contacted by a great studio.

Henry said, “As I was filming, I realized that there weren’t many opportunities for Asians to play an important role in Hollywood work. I felt like I played an important role. I had a heavy shoulder. I hope you’ll forget Henry for a while with this movie. “

Katherine Prescott said of Henry, who acted together, “Henry’s first work in Hollywood is” Hello Bailey. “He showed a great performance. “When the director instructed Henry to act, he quickly noticed and acted accordingly. Many actors weren’t able to do that, so I was very surprised at that.”

Henry replied that he learned a lot from Catherine Prescott. Henry said, “Katherine has taken me from the first day with little smoke experience. I’m really professional and wouldn’t have finished without Katherine.”

The foreign currency ‘Hello Bailey’ will be released on September 5th.

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