Kim Hae Il toured with the detective of the former Dae Young (Kim Sung Kyun) to find the blood of Lee Young-joon (Jung Dong-hwan) in the cottage. The two men wearing masks and masquerading as a thief with their faces covered, and at that moment, they discovered Park Kyung-seon and asked him to be quiet.

However, I was surprised at Park Kyung-sun and I could not close my mouth, and Gimhae Il struck Park Kyung-sun’s neck and knocked her out.

Gimhae daily worker Daeyoung came out of the cottage and brought a bottle of 80 million won worth of mugwort, and was put in a crisis to be chased by a bodyguard. At that time, a man wearing a black bag appeared, and luckily he was relieved of the crisis with the help of a new detective Seo Seung-ah (Kim Saek-ro). After that, Hwang Chul-bum (Gokjun min) and Jeongdongja (Chung Young-joo) came to the news that the shoplifter was in the cottage.

The main sister Kim In-kyung (Paek Ji-won) brought his car to the bottle brought by Kim Hae Il, and Kim Hae Il and the former Dae Young who saw it laughed and laughed because they thought that the bottle would be broken.

Late night, Park Kyung – sun said, “I am familiar with something, I am as familiar with the sweet as I have eaten before.” Park Gyeong-seon, who presumed Kim Hae Il as a priest, shook his head, saying, “Oh, I do not think so.”

Kim Hae Il said, “Lord, I was not allowed to go into another house and steal other things, not to steal it, but to fool me … I am sorry … blaming others for doing the Lord’s justice. “I prayed.

The Gimhae Daily Affairs Department once again searched the vicinity of the villa, while Gimhae Il was a female and Dae Young was disguised as an oil manager.

Kim Hae-il decided to investigate the lawmaker Park Won-moo (in the middle of the Han River) in earnest, and Former Daeyoung pointed out that “Seo detective has found out Mr. Park’s top head” and pointed out the prosecutor’s investigation of Kang Seok-tae (Kim Hyung-mook). As you can see, the double (Kim Min-jae) was related to Kang Seok-tae. In the past,

Park Kyung-sun entered the backstory of Min Seok-gu (Chung In-ki) and Park Won-moo, and the chief of staff blamed “Min Seok-gu and Park Won- Park recalled Kim Hae Il’s remarks, which he called “Sosio Pass” to himself in the past, and immediately started the psychopath test.

Park pressed ‘Yes’ to show affirmation to all items, and the test result came out that ‘You are a perfect psychopath.’ Park Kyung-sun asked, “What have I done now and how many things have I got?”, And the secretary naturally laughed in expectation.

Park Kyung-sun discovered Kim Hae-il eating cup noodles in front of the convenience store. I once again saw the face of the mask face facing at the cottage, covered my nose and lips and looked at my eyes. Bakgyeongseon bodeon face gimhaeil was confused saying “yes synchro rate is 90% gimhaeil bride. Why cross the villa? Why? What the hell is that human identity?”

Gang Seok – tae, the head of the department, handed Hwang Chul – boom to work together and accepted it. However, Hwang Chul-bum said to himself, “I am a bird, I am also welcome.

Pseudoscientific statements appointed Sheikh (Lee Moon-sik minutes) hwangcheol beomui load jangryong had received information that this colossal money (well serpentine minutes) Irma underground buildings through the generous trade. Appointed statements This information was forwarded to wish Aliyev (Kim Won’s minutes) Vladimir, plotted the ploy said, “will blind the money, which he first picked up eating the owner.”

Gimhae thing heard about the plan to assassinate Senator from bakwonmu seoseungah detective, this time received a revelation such as ‘pigeon’ ‘beg’. Kim Hae Il interpreted it as “to save Park.”

Former Daeyoung told the criminal team, “Now an anonymous tip has come in, but there will be terrorism against Park Won-moo.”

While Park Kyung-sun was taking Park Won-moo, Chang-Ryong and his men kidnapped Park. Kim Hae-il, who was following the motorcycle, followed the Jang Ryong-il party. Park Kyung-sun said, “I’m familiar with the back,” I guessed Kim Hae-il, “I will confirm my face today,” he vowed.

Jang Ryong-ryong tried to disguise Park as a suicide, but fortunately Kim Hae Il appeared to prevent the crisis. At that moment, however, the police arrived, including the former Dae Young, who blocked Kim Hae Il’s path and misunderstood it as a suspect.

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