On the 31st day of local time, Japan’s biggest album sales volume album Oricon chart album (BALLISTIK BOYZ · BTZ) album ranked 1st in the weekly album ranking.

LDH Entertainment, a Japanese large-scale promoter, formed a group of ballet boys with a similar name, member structure, role, and concept.

The ballistic boy band made up of 7 members is characterized by the fact that they made hip-hop music like the early bulletproof boy band. The members composed of 4 vocals and 3 rappers are similar to the Bulletproof Boys.

At the same time as his debut, the balloon boy who was caught in the suspicion of ‘fake’ and was criticized is getting unexpected popularity such as climbing to the top of the Oricon chart now.

There is an analysis that shows that the younger generation, which mainly has an antipathy towards K pop, shows a hot reaction.

The netizens facing this news are responding in a variety of ways such as “Why am I embarrassed”, “Beating my name”.

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