The Japanese version of ‘Produce 101’ is currently being filmed in Gyeongju Paju English Village.

The 101 trainees appearing in the Japanese version of “ Produce 101 ” are taking the same shoot at Paju English Village where all “ Produce 101 ” trainees have gone through.

An official said, “Isn’t ‘Produce’ the source technology of Korean officials? The shooting know-how is the same.” . Mnet also said, “We wanted to shoot in Korea because of the studio and production schedule in Japan.”

The Japanese version of “ Produce 101 ” is reportedly shooting the first evaluation following the evaluation by agency in Korea. After finishing some shoots in Korea, they return to Japan and shoot most of them. An official said, “Only some filming is done in Korea, and the recording is made in Japan.” “The Produce 101” Japanese version is not aired in Korea, but only in Japan. “

The Japanese version of ‘Produce 101’ selected 101 trainees in Japan with enormous competition. The recruitment, which ended May 31, attracted a huge number of applicants and paralyzed the official website server. The 101 applicants in the fierce competition are currently coming to Korea for training.

“ Produce 101 ”, a Japanese version of “ Produce 101 ”, is a program co-produced by Japan’s largest entertainment company Yoshimoto Heungup and CJ ENM. With the same motto of ‘selecting globally popular groups directly selected by national producers’, we select the idol group representing Japan using the know-how of the ‘produce’ series.

The Japanese version of ‘Produce 101’ confirmed the broadcast in the second half of this year. Produce As in other seasons, the final 11 members will be selected as debut group members, and will formally debut in Japan in February 2020.

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