After winning the Golden Palm Award at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, ‘parasite’, which recorded the 4th million film this year, won 6 crowns, proving that it is the best topic of the year.

The 28th 2019 Japan-Japan Film Awards was held at the Dream Theater in Nam-gu, Busan on the afternoon of the 4th. The Buil Film Awards, hosted by Busan Ilbo, was the first film award in Korea to be launched in 1958. The awards were presented in 16 categories for 629 Korean films released from August 11 to August 10 this year.

First of all, the glory of the men’s and women’s new awards went to Seong-bin, the surviving child, and Jeon-bin, the sinful girl. Seong Yu-bin, who came to the stage, said, “Thank you very much for the directors, PDs, staff, and the family. I didn’t think I could come to this place while shooting a movie, but thank you for this opportunity. I will show you a good performance with more advanced appearance. ”

Jeon Yeo-bin said, “Perhaps not all of the actors nominated here will play for the prize. I think the reason for the acting will be in my heart. ”“ I was so dusty when I dreamed of a wonderful world of film. Thanks to the troubled staff, actors were able to do well until the end. I will be an actor who is not ashamed of myself as I walk in the path of acting. ”

Popular star awards followed. Lim Yoon-a, who led the summer theater performance with the movie ‘Exit’ this year, won the female popular star award. Lim Yuna said, “Having a happy summer thanks to the love of ‘Exit’, I received a popularity award and I feel better. Thank you very much for the ‘Exit’ team who made a great work, and thank you for the fans who worked hard to make the popular vote. ” The protagonist of the male popular star award was Do Kyung Soo of the movie ‘Swing Kids’. Do Kyung-soo joined the army on July 1 and missed the ceremony.

The male and female supporting awards were won by Park Myung-hoon of ‘parasite’ and Lee Jung-eun of ‘parasite’. Park Myung-hoon said, “After 20 years of acting, the driving force was the endless belief of the family. When director Bong Joon-ho first gave me the script, it was very shocking and frightening to see it by himself. So did my work, but I was wondering if I could play that role well. Thanks to the bishop, I received an award today. Thank you. ”

The award for the Best Actor was awarded by Gi Joo-bong, who played an active part in Hong Sang-soo’s movie ‘The Riverside Hotel. Gi Ju-bong said, “Thank you for being with Hong Sang-soo and all the family members, Kim Min-hee, Song Sun-mi, Kwon Hae-hyo and Yoo Jun-sang.” Thank you. ” In addition, Jeon Yeon-yeon of ‘Happy Birthday’ who won the Best Actress Award, said, “I am honored to receive this significant award in the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema. If you did not have the courage of director Lee Jong-un, you would have no birthday or today. Seol Kyung-gu, I think I received this award on behalf of many people who participated in ‘Birthday’. I will work harder. ”

Lastly, the best prize was won by the film ‘parasite’. As a result, the ‘parasite’ received the glory of the six crowns. “I am from Busan, and I am very thankful that I received a big prize in Busan, which raised me. Actor Bong and Song Kang-ho are abroad before the US release. The work award seems to be given to everyone who participated in our film. I will be pleased to accept them. ”

“There were many happy moments while doing ‘parasites’. However, this year, he received a good prize in Cannes and an award in Busan. Making a movie is both fun and painful, but it’s been a good 30 days. I hope all the filmmakers believe that a good day will come even though it is hard. I’m honoring all my colleagues who are doing movie work together. ”

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