The man who became king is inaugurated.

The TVN monthly drama ‘The Man Who Became King’ (play Kim Sun-duk, director Kim Hee-won, production studio dragon) celebrates its 4th day.

‘The Man Who Became King’ is a remake of the motif of the movie ‘Gwanghae’, which is a remake of the original movie, and a high-quality directing by Kim Hee-won, Ye Jin-gu (Lee Hae- – Based on the acting of actors including Kim Sang-kyung (Lee Gyu-gyu), I got a hot favorable comment that it is a remake work which surpasses the original work.

In addition, the ending scene which gives unparalleled anticipation, thrilling and explosive lulls every time gathered topics and got the nickname ‘ending restaurant’. The ending of the ending, which can be said to be the end of the ‘King of Men’ is getting more and more attention from viewers.

Viewers who anticipate Saad endings are rooted in the original and historical background. As the original ‘Gwanghae’ is based on the historical facts that the wages are drowned in half after being expropriated in the exile, it is the opinion that it will be deprived of the clothes because of the anti – In the last 15 times, the half-power Shinchisoo (Kwon Hae Hyo) – Contrast (Jang Yeong Nam) – Jinpyeongun (Imjungsun) makes the ship a poisonous rat, Lee Gyu throws his life for the ship, It is the prospect that the development will be painful until the last time.

On the other hand, viewers who support happy endings emphasize that drama is free from historical facts because it is based on virtual Chosun, unlike the original. Therefore, Yasuni insisted that the rebels would suppress the rebels and maintain their robustness, and that they would do so in the middle of the war. Most of all, it is predicted that the ‘King of Man’ will be an unconventional ending to the original and historical background, since it has been different from the original and has provided direction for the drama itself.

There is also the opinion that it will be an open ending. Until now, the ‘King of Man’ has unveiled unpredictable developments of viewers’ expectations, which may lead to the ending of the virtual scenarios again.

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