After being hit by a clown jingjingu, a tyrant named ‘a man who became a king’, the tyrant threatened his life beyond assault and intimidation.

In the TVN drama ‘The Man Who Became King’ on the 28th, the clown Lee Hae-hun (jinjin-gu) got angry with the clown Hae-sun (jinjin-gu). The conflict was more maximized because the interest of the middle war Yu Soo-young (Lee Se-young) only went to Ha Seon.

Soonrae (Shin Soo-Yeon) shouted out loudly to “Lee Heon-hwan”, who is ahead of himself. Yoo Seon, who heard this sound, turned to the sounding side. Lee Hae-sun seemed to see Yoo So-yoon, but he did not see any particular reaction.

I was able to get rid of the tethered Lee Hae Hun. Lee, who was liberated, asked her to give water, and after her disappears, she disappeared with her sword. I remember him and I missed him. “I do not know who was caught up in whoopee,” he told the gentle man (Yun Kyung-ho) recovered from aphasia.

Yoo Seon – Yoo Soon had a meal at the restaurant. Yoo Soo-un is eating the food recommended by Dasun and said, “This is the first delicious food.” “I feel like I am an ordinary anarch because I am alone with my majesty.”

Then the two walked along the street. “It was nice to be able to take in the living smells,” Yoo said. Yu-suk handed out a small present for the ship and said, “Even if you are wandering, come to me even if you are slow. I will always wait at the end of the road.”

Lee Hae-sun went out of his way and said, “Have you been good, a clown clown?” After that, he began assaulting Daejokjae. When Jang Moo-young (Yun Jong-seok) was amazed by this noise, he said, “I am your boss.” Jang Moo-young said, “I am sure that a person who does not recognize his majesty should die.” Lee replaced the answer with the words, “Take the city.”

Yoo Soon looked for Lee Hun. Yoon Sang-woon, who still thinks he is down, asked, “Have you been in a lot of cold winds before? Are you okay?” Lee said with a keen eye, “I’m fine, is it all right? What did I do so good?” Yoo So-woon replied, “It is better to watch the same place, to walk in line, to share the same place, and to have more time and time with my majesty.

Lee heard this and persuaded her further. He said, “I swear there was nothing happening, please believe me.” However, Lee said, “It was better than an amphitheater,” he said, “I walked the streets together.” He threatened to kill people around him. At that time, Lee Gyu (Kim Sang Kyung) found these.

Lee ordered me to swing the sword toward Lee. Lee said to Lee, “This guy is just a puppet. There are still people who want to see him. If I kill him now, I will be the one to catch them.” “It was a good thing for my boss to save him until I caught them,” Lee said again. Ultimately, Lee got injured in his arm. Lee was pleased and ordered to go to a remote mountain, saying, “Take him to the mountain and make him a tiger.

Lee asked Gang Moo-young, who was going to the mountain with Dasan, to decide where Dasun was. Lee said, “I heard that he saved his life.” Mang Moo – young said, “I would lose my life. Lee said, “Everyone knows what he did while he was representing the king. Do you think he was guilty of death?” Mang Moo-young hinted at his death, saying, “It is already over.”

The time was not even drowned in a deep pit. I’m just scared and tears. I was spending time in fear.

Lee Hun-soo (Jang Young-nam), “If you continue to plan for me, I will immediately drive out to the other side,” he warned. When asked if the contrast was “Are you scaring the mother now?” Lee said, “My birth mother died a long time ago.”

Lee said, “If you allow Lee to be given to those who have filled the field, faith will be broken and the people will be raised.” But Lee said, “You are right, but it is not my intention, it is a puppet clown.” So, Lee turned his back, but after a while he came back to Lee. Lee said to Lee, “If I turn my back once again, I will make everything go away.”

Lee Hun is looking for Yoo Soonun and says, “I am going to go to the place where the freezing place is like and go to the place to warm me up with a warm aura. I am sad to do this, but I do not know.” She was trying to take off her clothes. Yoo Soun, who felt a strange sensation, blocked the action of Lee.

At that time, Chang Moo-young went back to the mountain to check the condition of the ship in the pit. Jang Moo-young looked around the pit close to his body, but the underline seemed invisible. After a while, however, Subaru ran up the pit and threatened Mang Moo-young.

Meanwhile, the TVN drama ‘The Man Who Became King’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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