Jung Yu-na, a journalist who is a ‘king who became a king’, announced to Kwon Ha-hyo that he is a fake king.

In the TVN Monday drama ‘The Man Who Becomes King’, broadcasted on the 18th, the vast submarine (Jinjin-gu) was shown to Shinchisu (Kwon Hae-hyo) to reveal his identity.

Zhujiaon Sowun (Lee Se-young), who realized his identity, left his palace and attempted to lay down his own life at his father’s exile. However, at that time, Seon was looking for her, and Sowan hugged him and stopped him. Then he noticed that there was an assassin aiming at them and wrapped the sword in it, and fell down in the back with an arrow. At that moment, Mang Moo-young (Yoon Jong-seok) showed up and followed the assassins aiming for the ship, and Sowen took the fallen ship to a safe place and took care of it.

“I thought I should lose my guilt because I thought I was guilty of sin, but I would have to pay my sins, even if the whole world pointed at me. I will live. ”

So he embraced Soun in his arms and said, “Majima Majima has saved two lives now. If Majima Majima had died, I would have died along with him.”

While Hae-seon was out of the game, he was in a crisis to take his throne to the antagonists such as herdsmen. Confirming that the wage is not in the palace, Shin Chin-soo, in advance of the arrival of the Ming Dynasty (Kim Hyeong-mook) who came to Korea three days later, made a situation in which the wage could not welcome his gods. This was a big diplomatic ritual, and Lee, Gyu-ji (Kim Sang-kyung) ran to the Taepyung-gwan to settle the situation. However, Lee Gyu-gyu was in danger of losing his life, and at that moment Shin-chi appeared and apologized instead of asking him to forgive the sins of the city.


The next day, the Ming Dynasty bomchai appeared in the palace and resented the diplomatic marriage by seeing empty tales. By this time, the ship came up and released the tiger leather and said, “I went to catch the tiger to the Ming Dynasty and it was delayed,” and I managed to escape from the crisis.

A few days later, Soun was disappeared, and again, in front of the contrast (Jang Young-nam). The contrast was angered and said, “If there is anything wrong with you as a person, let yourself go.” But Soun stood up, saying, “I can not do that.”

On the other hand, Shin Chi-soo listened to the side of the Ming Dynasty and said, “We must not forget that Ming Dynasty has given us military service in the last disgrace. We should not be afraid of work, I must do it. ” But Hae Sun said, “If Ming and Chosun are wealthy, I am a people and a rich man. I can not be a sinner, I can not be a sinner, to be a sinner before the Ming emperor.”

When Yusen refused Ming’s proposal to release the soldiers, the gods Bumcha had a secret deal with Sinchu-Jinpyeong-gun. Bumcha said, “In the next six months, I must give Ming Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty”, and Jinpyeong Army said, “If I could go on, I would not be able to do anything.”

Prior to the full-fledged implementation of the Great East Asia, Hae-sun went to bed with Lee to investigate the thoughts of the people.

He said to Lee, “I realized that there will come a time when I have to cut off the bonds that I have kept so far for the things I have to deal with.” “Send Sullae (Shin Soo Yeon) to a safe place so that I can break my heart It seems easy. ”

However, he came to the writing street to confirm the face of the soothing king who heard the news that the king was coming out of the street. However, the god who faced the god of the martial arts confronted with the god (Choi Kyu-jin), and Gap-soo (Yun Kyung-ho), who noticed the god and the identity of the god of healing,

The captain was caught, and Shinchizu took the king ‘s dagger that he had and appeared before the ship. He was embarrassed and said, “I was wearing it during the day, but it seemed to have been shed”, and Shincheon-su, who knew that he was not familiar with the dagger, said, “Yep, Who is it? ” Eventually, he explained that he was a clown.

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