On KBS2 ‘Ra Ra Cha Mansuro’ broadcast on the 28th, the appearance of the director including Kim Soo-ro, who visited Chelsea Roberts’ boss to meet with Son Heungmin, got on the air.

Kim Soo-ro and his executive director, Mansu Roo, first analyzed the current situation of Chelsea Rovers in England’s 13th league.

The 13th league, Chelsea Rovers, was in the top 12 of the 14 leagues. Chelsea Rovers left only one final game. Chelsea Rovers had to win at least in the top ten to stay in Division 13, so he had to win big in the final.

The board members resented the summoning of themselves in this situation. However, Kim Soo-ro encouraged board members to mention the players who calmly moved to the best position in the worst situation.

But the situation at Chelsea Rovers was poor. The Chelsea rovers with their main job were training once a week. Training could not be extended because of the financial situation of the club. Lee Seo-young, “It is our job to help you reach your dreams and make your way.”

Park Mun-sung advised, “Please listen to the story of emotions a lot,” and advised, “The coach will be alone and trust the owner.” Kim Soo-ro decided to follow his opinion. I immediately headed to see the director.

The Mansuro team, who watched the home stadium, interviewed Petaduran Long. Dragin spoke about the philosophy of football from the facilities needed for the team. “I am my favorite and it is my goal to achieve that dream,” he said.

Mansuro watched the training of Chelsea Rovers and began to check the team members for training vests and other things. The players who were given only the training time of the time seemed to concentrate very little on the training.

After that, Mansuo went to see Son Heung Min. But I did not make a promise with Son Heung-min and waited in front of the training room of Tottenham players. With the fans of Sohn Heung-min, they played the ‘Stretch’, but at the end of the two hours, they realized that Son Heung-min had gone to another exit. However, Kim Soo-ro said, “It’s okay. We know that we are so passionate, and Son Heung-min will meet us later.”

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