The TVN ‘Shinseo Organic 7’, which aired on the 25th, depicts Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Eun Ji-won, Kyu-hyun, Song Min-ho, and Pio who started their game with a bedding set. 

On the day, the warriors arrived at Hogwarts, Gyeryongsan, where the 1st World Talent Symposium was held. Hotel bedding was given to the first place, the winter duvet set to the second place, the summer duvet set to the third place, the sleeping bag to the fourth place, the silver foil mat to the fifth place, and the newspaper to the sixth place. 

The game is ‘Fun-Gun-Gap’ I had to succeed in limbo with five wheels. First place was Eun Ji Won. Song Min-ho followed him to Limbo Line, but in front of his nose, he burst out. In the end, Kyu-hyun, who followed Song’s voice, took second place. 

The 3rd to 6th Place is a game in which a soccer ball is put on a goal. Kang Ho-dong kicked Pio’s leg hard and then laughed in a row. Pio scored the goal first, and nobody scored the goal. Afterwards, Kang Ho-dong scored a goal, becoming the fourth sleeping bag.

In the final match, Song Min-ho scored a goal, fifth place mat and Lee Soo-geun won the sixth place.

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