In TVN ‘Shinseo Organic 7’, which was broadcast on the 25th, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Eun Ji-won, Kyu-hyun, Song Min-ho, and Pio’s first meeting of Sangam was depicted. 

Members waiting for Kyu-hyun began the solo exhibition ‘Pick-up’ game. Hearing the program’s signal music and matching the channel with the name of the program, he was given 100,000 won to the person who solved the three problems first. Eun Ji-won, Kang Ho-dong, and Lee Soo-geun solved the problem as soon as Kyu-hyun arrived late. Song Min-ho, however, has won three games in a row. 

This season was a domestic episode of Xinseo. The dragon ball in Vietnam, China, fell into the wild Gyeryongsan, and each had to go to Gyeryongsan to find the dragonball. The members played cabbage do, martial arts do, knee pack dosa, gandalf, genie and mysterious makeup. 

First, Eun Ji won the game, and Gandalf was chosen for the first time in three consecutive seasons. Second place was Kang Ho-dong, who won the ‘New Nonstop’. Kang Ho-dong confessed that “in fact (last season) Kang Ho-nashi was happy,” and took the sacred. Lee Soo-keun said, “I feel like a friend,” said the knee-pads. The same friends, Song Min-ho and Pio, became martial arts cabbage chefs, respectively.

The martial arts martial arts cabbage driver was assigned a blue car, oil sales and character rights, and a genie and a novel silver sports car. However, since the martial arts and cabbage do not have a first-class license, he handed over 100,000 won in the first game and changed the car and the car. 

When the warriors arrived at Hogwarts, Gyeryongsan, where the 1st World Guru Symposium was held, they began the dragonfly selection game. Hotel bedding was given to the first place, the winter duvet set to the second place, the summer duvet set to the third place, the sleeping bag to the fourth place, the silver foil mat to the fifth place, and the newspaper to the sixth place. 

The game is ‘Fun-Gun-Gap’ I had to succeed in limbo with five wheels. First place was Eun Ji Won. Song Min-ho followed him to Limbo Line, but in front of his nose, he burst out. In the end, Kyu-hyun, who followed Song’s voice, took second place. 

The 3rd to 6th Place is a game in which a soccer ball is put on a goal. Kang Ho-dong kicked Pio’s leg hard and then laughed in a row. Pio scored the goal first, and nobody scored the goal. Afterwards, Kang Ho-dong scored a goal, becoming the fourth sleeping bag. In the final match, Song Min-ho scored a goal, winning the fifth place mat and Lee Soo-geun in the sixth place.

In the evening symposium, we put 12 kinds of autumn specialties in Korea (Tungi mushroom, Namhae eel, Song-i mushroom, Daejeon raw chicken, West coast blue crab, Beolkyo komak, Wando abalone, Donghae squid, Gongju Korean beef, Tongyeong mussel, Glory gulbi, Daecheon Daeha) ‘ I played a game. 

In the game, Hole Pio humiliated with Putin’s Russian president, but the first problem with silver donations in Daejeon was wrong. But since Fio wronged Shrek’s girlfriend Fiona. Song Min-Ho failed to hit Hurjae and missed Tongyeong Mussel and Namhae word. Even Eun Jiwon called Kim Young-chul ‘Saladala’ and missed the princess Hanwoo.

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