In the KBS2 ‘Newly Launched Hen Story’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the afternoon, the figure of the chefs who went to market research to develop the menu was revealed.

Kim Na-young had a busy morning with his son Shin Woo and Lee Joon. Kim Na-young said, “I know the house where the baby is, but it’s a big thing to eat. Said.

Kim Na-young went to the playground with her two sons and asked her mother and children to feed her favorite foods.

Jin Se-yeon wanted to make his favorite Tteokbokki and contemplated buying all Tteokbokki at a convenience store. Jin Se-yeon surprised everyone by presenting various ideas while visiting Tteokbokki shop along with Shori, who ended up in the drama ‘Okhwahwa’.

Jung Il-woo, “I made a lot of dumplings since childhood,” he was thinking about dumplings toward the regular dumplings. Jung Il-woo, who had been struggling, remembered ‘Mara Sauce’ that is popular these days, and continued to worry about eating Mara Canggu with acquaintances.

Jeong Hye-young said, “I’m exercising to eat delicious food.” After his workout, Jung Hye-young made Thai red curry and Hawaiian rice balls. Jung Hye-young asked Sean to be missing important coconut milk. Sean admired his appearance at the moment.

Lee Kyung-gyu traveled around Taiwan’s market to try a variety of food. Lee Gyeong-gyu finished the night market tour leaving unremitting taste reviews. Lee Kyung-gyu, who returned to the hostel, said, “The game of the Korean market can change,” he sampled an unfamiliar ingredient, chicken crest, and spit it out immediately. Lee Kyung-kyu said, “The texture of the pork is more bitter and worse than the pork. I couldn’t swallow it.”

Lee Kyung-kyu, who didn’t get a big income, called the chef’s chef Lee Yeon-bok and received a tip.

On the other hand, KBS2 “ New Release Hen Food Restaurant ” released six special stars, which are known for their taste in the entertainment industry. The menu is broadcasted at 9:45 pm every Friday as a new concept convenience store survival program, which is actually released at convenience stores nationwide the day after the broadcast.

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