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It has been a few years since Chung Il (Sung Kyung-gu) came to Vietnam to work. In the meantime, the house moved, and after finding the address at the end of the gates, he found the house, but for some reason, his wife Sungnam (Jeon Do-yeon) Jae-il trying to access through her daughter Yesol (Kim Bum-min). However, it is still true that it is still cold winds from Sanseum where the face is confronted with difficulty. 

While Jeongil was going abroad, the disaster of Seowol occurred. Jung Il’s son Suh (Yun Chan-young), who boarded the Seowall to go on a school trip, came back as a cold carcass. Sungnam had to spend the day of suffering, but Jungil stayed abroad without returning during that period. That is why it is the difference between the two.  

The movie <Birthday> is a story about the process of recovering family relations after Jung-il returns home. It carefully illuminates the life of Sansam, which still suffers from psychological pain.  

As the movie slowly begins to emerge over time, the sadness of Sun – Nam begins to show up on the surface of the water. While the other survivors who suffered the tragedy overcome pain and comfort through solidarity, Sansan rarely opens the door of their hearts. 

The day when the sun was not healed, the heart of SUNNAM was sharpened by the time it passed, and it was deep inside of itself. The pain is transmitted to Jung – il who watches it from close and sometimes from a distance. SUNNAM was not able to expose himself out of the world as he suffocated by the nervousness of the other person and the illusion of others who took out the story of compensation in a casual way in front of the family.

Comfort one another
In the film, the family remembers the birthday of their dead child, preparing to eat together and comforting each other. At this time, the bereaved families seem to be more relaxed, including joking or laughing and mentioning their dead children. But Sangnam, who was there, laughs, “Are you laughing now in front of your dead children?”  

Of course the bereaved family laughs jokingly on the outside, but it is not actually laughing. Behind laughter is more pain and sorrow than crying. Because the family is sad in the eyes of the family and can not cry over and over again, it is merely expressing the pain that they feel through all the helplessness of everyday life. Sangnam, who confined himself, did not expect to see such reality. Everyone is a heartbreaking reality, from the bereaved family who laughed at laughter and the laughing sun.

The dead guard’s room has been stopped since the day of the disaster, and every time the iron was changed, the son’s clothes were bought and hanged, and he had to cuddle and cry, and Sunan was still able to open his heart to someone. I was out of my mind. A warm-hearted neighbor approached and it was only a little comforting to hold her and cry together.

As there is a stage in every thing in the world, there may be a certain stage of sorrow. There are people who endure sadness with tears, such as Sun-Nam, and others who go beyond those stages and cooperate with those who are suffering together, and face the events and sublimate their sorrows. Just as the depths of sadness are different, the interests surrounding the time horizon are different.

A special age
Even if we take out three letters of ‘Seowolho’, some people are still tearful, but others say that they are tired. Someone actively displays sadness and empathy and adds strength to the bereaved family, while another is reluctant to go out for a while.

It was a friend who was a dead friend and a friend who was a good friend, but it would be difficult if she confronts SUNNAM. Another friend who could miraculously save her life in the scene of Seowall disaster because of her best friend, Suho, The film maximizes the sense of reality by contrasting various interests and the opposing reactions surrounding the seasons. 

Saneun, who is trapped in grief and can not come out of the world, continues to warm his touch. Despite the rude gesture of rejecting their hand, the efforts of the bereaved family to tenderize their sorrows to the end are tearful. Finally, on Su Yong’s birthday, Sungnam will open the door to the event that the bereaved family has carefully prepared.  
As soon as the bolt that was closed was wide open, the tears that I have endured for a while are pouring out. Not only that. Thanks to the effort to share the sadness, the pain and suffering that have been tucked in by myself alone are washed away at the same time. 

This process is an amazing result of healing all of the family members of the year and the soul that carried the sorrow and sorrow together, those who have suffered indirectly through the disasters of the years and who have been sad and sick with each other, as well as saying that they are sick of time, The movie “Birthday”, which encompasses those who are surrounded and divergent in their interests, are all masters of the world.

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