The position evaluation stage was released at Mnet ‘Produce X101’ which was broadcast on the 14th, and the trainee who selected Vincent ‘s’ barcode’ was Byeonjin Yuri Lee Woojin. Four people have been fighting since the election of the main rapper. 

Having the lap class in front of the trainer with the glass being the main wrapper, I was pointed out that the housework mistake continued. “I think it’s time to fix it and fix it,” he said.

Wonhyuk wanted to be the main rapper from the beginning, but the person who became the main rapper after the glass was Byeongjin. Wonhyeop showed no ability to concentrate on the practice. Blazin, who exploded in the end, said that he was only angry because he was not in the center right now.

Wonhyuk said in an interview with the production team, “I still thought I was going to do the center, and I am still so desperate and desperate.

This stage started. On the stage, Lee Woo Jin and Baek Jin made successive housework mistakes. After the show, he said, “I’m sorry to my team members and I wanted to throw a message to the national producers.

Lee Woo-jin said, “I love my teammates. I wrote one song for each one of them, but I’m sorry I can not show you everything.” The results of the vote were 4th glass, 3rd place Lee, 2nd place, and 1st place. 

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