Did Mistrot save the trot that he received more than any other music genre? That’s right. The average audience rating on the two shows was 18.1% (Nielsen Korea), which recorded the highest audience rating for the All-Time event.

However, ‘Mistroot’ was a hurried to raise the audience rating of the production team, and the visual and subtitling of the sex merchandise was not able to be carried out, and it was also suffered from the controversy.

If I were a ‘Mistroot’ PD, I would have asked the performers’ clothes (style) to wear them as dignified as possible. If you are a trot singer, you will be reminded of glitter clothes or primary costumes. I want to change the image of the trot by bringing up a sophisticated and classy style of trot singer by changing the feel of such a chunky (well-meaner people). Of course this is not going to be enough for one try, but I think we should go in that direction.

Miss Trout, however, has pointed out that she is a low-ranking woman, as she has borrowed the Miss Korea beauty concept in a red dress. The Miss Korea concept is a product of the old age that does not consider gender sensitivity and gender sensitivity. It is cultural retreat that puts the concept to be put in the garbage cans and to be disposed of in 2019 female trot. Especially, Trot has the advantages of MT, entertainment, entertainment, generations, and generations. If so, you should be more concerned about these areas.

Of course, Miss Trout did well. Let me acknowledge you. It is an unknown trot singer who is not a spectacular top star, and a trot singer who did not make his debut or did not prepare properly. Mistroot ‘s singer – Jung Mi – ae – Hongja – Kim Na – hee – was a singer whom viewers did not know well.

The trot artist on TV is that face. So I get tired of it. Trot artists who sing better than they can sing. This is not right. So the toxic trot genre does not work well with evaluation and competing systems. Inevitably, the area where generation replacement and newcomers are not found is inevitably stagnant.

The trot audition is open wide and it is good to release a new capacity. If another trot audition is held, I would like to examine the lyrics more importantly. Nowadays, song is as important as melody. You can see how important the story (storytelling) is by looking at the Bulletproof Boys’ Team, which creates a world view by throwing a message for each album. But trot is not subject to much analysis of the lyrics. This is a different meaning than easy.

It ‘s easier to score points for joyful lyrics that include symbols and analogies rather than single – celled and primitive expressions like “Just kill me.

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