On September 9, police chief Min Gap-ryong told reporters at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Seodaemun-gu.

On the day, Min said, “I’m investigating the part (the third party drove),” he explained. “I admitted that Noel himself drunk.”

In addition, the police controversial investigation at the time of the incident, “The police officers were dispatched to a considerable distance away from the accident, I was not the driver, the victim did not see the driver correctly,” he said. “If there were any witnesses, I would have been able to take strict measures. At that time, I had a hard time judging the clarity of the charges.”

“First of all, we did a research to find the data to measure blood alcohol levels and to reveal allegations of various driver changes.”

In addition, Min said, “We are also investigating allegations of fraudulent driving of third parties.”

Mr. Min said, “We will promptly investigate because there is a demand for finding the facts quickly. “Said.

On the 7th, Noel crashed at 2:40 am near Gwangheungchang Station in Seoul. At that time, Noel was accused of driving a passenger and driving drunk with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08% and a license revocation.

Noel is suspected of hiding the accident at the time of the incident. Police captured the situation in which Noel tried to change the driver to make it look like he wasn’t driving at the time of the accident. This is believed to have deceived the police and hindered the execution of public service.

Noel, who was drunk on the scene at the time of the incident, and his passenger returned to the police station with only a third person who claimed to be driving. Since then, Jang Je-won’s wife and lawyer came in, and only afterwards he admitted the charges.

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