In the TVN ‘The Shunnae Tour,’ which aired on the 5th night, the tour of Han Hye-jin, the last runner in Thailand, continued.

A free yoga class was held at the park with a gift from Han Hye-jin. Members complained about the difficult yoga movements. Kyuhyun joked that “the audience will not stay still,” and Lee Jin-ho escaped. Han Hyejin continued class without concern.

A four-star resort with a swimming pool connected to the Gimbibi mission. The mission was to run a relay run with local Thai staff wearing Thailand’s Dunkar. Han Hye-jin won the relay match and the members headed for a 4-star resort.

As soon as the members arrived at the resort, they enjoyed swimming in the pool connected to the balcony. Shin Yee-eun could not participate in the water due to sudden stomach upset. Judging by Han Hye-jin, the members enjoyed playing water by pushing the tube.

Han Hye-jin led the members to eat late lunch. Han Hye-jin led a vegetarian restaurant. Shin Yee-eun, who was struggling with Thai food, ate deliciously and enjoyed cooking. “I really liked it, and I like the easy vegan dishes,” Shin said in an interview with the production team.

Han Hye-jin then guided the members to the massage shop and surprised everyone. The massage introduced by Hye-Jin Han was a traditional Thai taxen massage using hammer and chisel. Kyu-hyun said, “The massage was faint enough to remember.”

Han Hye – jin headed to the temple ‘Wat Phratadhui Sutep’ which takes an hour and a half. Han Hye-jin confided, “I can not say that I came here when I did not come here.” But all of them were embarrassed by the sudden rain.

Han Hye – jin seemed to be frustrated by the wasting of an hour because of the rain, but at night it smiled in the night view of the temple. Han Hye-jin and the members admired the Chiang Mai night view after a long wait. Shin Ye-eun, “Bangkok had a lot of stars,” he said.

Except for Lee Jin-ho, who left early on the schedule, members enjoyed various kinds of food at ‘Chang-Pak Night Market’. Shin Yee said that “Everything I ate today was delicious” and pleased Han Hye-jin.

Park Hyeon-soo asked Han Hye-jin, “How did you do this tour?”

All tours ended and the winner was announced. Han Hye Jin received the gold medal as the final winner.

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