In the 6th episode of the KBS2 daily drama “The Season of the Sun” (drama Lee Eun Joo, director Kim Won Yong) broadcasted on the evening of 10th, Oh Tae Yang (Yun Chang), Yun Shi Wol (Yoon Soi), Choi Gwang Il (Choi Sung Jae), Chae Deok Sil (Hashim), Jang Wolcheon Lee, Soo Jung (이정희), Jang Jeong-hee (이덕희), Jang Sook Hee (김나운), Park Jae Yong ), And Jeong-in (Kim Hyun-kyun).

On that day, Changwon Chun decided to take the girl, Yoon Sihwol, who is the grandson of Kwang-il, with her grandchild. Gwang Il said to Yoon Sikwol, “We are getting married. We allowed him, “he said, revealing a happy heart.

Gwangil picks up the belly of the pregnant moon and says, “This is all thanks to our puddle. I wish I could be a son, “I looked at the seaweed with a lovely eye.

However, Seowol was pregnant with the Sun’s child, and was about to enter the chaebol without informing it.

Gwang-il dreamed of a happy rosy future by greeting the city with his family without knowing anything.

On the other hand, Jang Woo-chun ordered Choi Tae-joon to take the chairmanship of Yangji Group and break down the crisis. Although Park Jae-yong is from Harvard University at Seoul National University, he complained to his wife that he was losing his unrecognized position.

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