On the 5th KBS2 new daily drama ‘The Season of the Sun’, Kim Yu-wol (Oh Chang-seok) sent back Yun Seok-wol, 

“If this is revealed, it will ruin the entire group, not the steel,” said June. “If you know that you leaked, you’re in danger, I can not hurt you,” he added. 

Embarrassed Seowall placed his cell phone in June’s office and went back to his office with a book. Choi Gwang-il (Choi Sung-jae), who was holding a bouquet, accidentally encountered the seowall in the elevator.  

June carried a cell phone and chased the seoyol. June saw the appearance of a moonlight holding a bouquet of flowers. June saw it and said, “Yes, but now it’s popularity.”  

Yangjee Group Choi Tae – joon (Choi Jung – woo) asked the staff to bring Kim Yu – wol accountant. “I have to catch it and stop it.” 

Seol, who learned this, called June and said, “Get out of there right now. I’m going to catch you.” June was able to avoid the crisis with the help of the moon.

Choi Tae-joon, who saw Kwang-il holding a bouquet of flowers, asked, “What is that flower?” Kwang-yil replied, “Yun is going to give me a secretary.” Choi shoved the bouquet and shouted, “I warn you at last, you can not be a secretary.”

Taejun said to Seowol, “Tell me what you know, do not go near the office.”  

Choi Tae-joon was surprised that he was from a nursery school after seeing the personnel records of June. Then Im Liman (Lee Sang Sook) went to the right. Choi Tae-joon asked, “Is the child’s name Kim Young-il?” Miran replied, “Yes, I was born in June, and the nursery director built it. 

Taejun said, “It appeared in front of me, as if I were going to take revenge on me. Iminan said, “Why are you scared of me? Are you scared now?  

Tae – joon said, “It ‘s you, I have done it, I was just suggesting that you were a conspirator, and if you did not hug and hang it, it would not happen.

Yoon Si-wol submitted his resignation at the end of his worries and left the company. I went to the house of June and soaked the kimchi and waited for June. The two of them had an affectionate meal at a meal. 

Choi Kwang – il is back to home. “Why did Yoon chuckle away?” Yoon shouted to his assistant. 

Jang Woon – chun (Chung Han – yong) ordered Choi Tae – joon to handle Kim Young – wol accountant. Choi Tae-joon said, “I will take the president’s will again this time.” 

Seowol said that he would stay with June for a memorial service, but he said that he should have been on the run for a while due to the declaration of conscientious objection. 

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