On Mnet ‘Show Midnight Money 8′ on the 2nd, the second ’60-second beat rap examination’ was held, and the problematic rappers with various features attracted attention. 

The start was Ohen Obadose. Ohon said he wanted to enter the Crew of the Swing. Swing said, “There was a controversy with Ohon, and there was a ridiculous and ridiculous writing about Ohon and my SNS.” Ohon said, “I will apologize once and I do not think I posted anything.” 

Swing said, “Now that you’re making fun of me on the SNS, are you like me now? Ohon said so, and Swing said, “I waited for today.” Ohon passed the second contest with all passes. 

After watching Ohon ‘s stage, applause burst in the waiting room. Swing said, “I thought it was a rapper who understood the groove among the rappers in Korea.” “It was different from the weight,” he said. 

The next rapper that appeared was the Matrix. Swing, who examined the Matrix in the first round, caught my attention by saying, “It’s my friend, my brother’s favorite style.” The Matrix showed the performance of the big crowd and passed the stage with 6 passes. 

“It’s strange that people here are making money,” Matrix said, “I do not think I’m better than me. I do not like to sit there and feel comfortable.” “I do not do that well,” he said.

Matrix declared, “I can think so, but I will go my own way.” Swinges seemed to suppress the anger. “It was not like this when I first saw it,” Swing said. “I did not know these sounds for a couple of years and I was embarrassed.” 

Meanwhile, rapper Yoon Faye appeared. Yoon Faye said, “I thought there was nothing I could do. But Yoon Faye has forgotten the lyrics from the beginning and declared, “I will go once again.”  

These crews seemed to be somewhat regretful but did not allow the restart. Yoon Faye was put in a crisis of elimination. The crew pressed FAIL one after another, but Mad Clanne waited for Yun Faye to be alone. Yoon Faye showed his stage only 20 seconds later.  

Swing said, “It seems like someone has not.” Mad Clanne said, “I gave it a pass, I saw enough and I think I can go to the third car.” Mad Clanne said, “I think it will be a great show for the third time.” However, the participants who viewed it were unfair. Yoon Faye said, “I’m going to be honest, I do not have a face.” 

“I have a lot of controversy, I think of myself,” he said. Mad Clanne said, “I think that my insights have been applied and I want you to look good in the future.” “I have not seen a woman rapper in ShowMid Money yet, and I hope she does it.” 

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