In the sixth episode of tvN Friday’s TV drama ‘Cheap Chun-ri Mart’ (played by Kim Sol-ji / directed Baek Seung-ryong), the manager Moon Seok-gu (Lee Dong-hui) convened the staff for the Chun-ri Mart marketing meeting.

On the day, Moon Seok-gu told the employees, “I’m trying to make a sales flyer for Cheonri Mart, but I need an image of our mart.”

Cho Min-dal (Kim Ho-young Bun) showed a green plum advertising parody, and Moon Seok-gu opposed the “no exaggeration, false, hype”. Choi Il-nam (Jeong Min-sung) mentioned another fashion parody, referring to the retro fashion. Oh In-bae (Kang Hong-seok) suggested a tough advertisement, “Why don’t you plant a strong image,” and the Paya insisted on authenticity.

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