MBC Every One ‘Video Star’ broadcasted on the 1st, ‘Stage Return of Friendship 2nd-2019 Friendship Day’ was held.

MC Kim Sook, Park Narae, Sandara Park, and Hyosung Jeon found the Igiza Forces. The eldest sister, Park So-hyun, was preparing for a ballet stage and was injured by a fractured rib.

After the sexy stage of ‘Military President’ Jiwon Lee and Han Choim’s stage, ‘Find the ideal type’ section was followed. Kim Sook Park Narae Sandara Park 40 people on the first come on the stage to believe that the ideal type of Jeon Hyo-sung. Among them, there was also a champion in YouTube, Seo Young-gwang and Search Battalion Son Young-un.

22 people passed through the preliminary round, and they stood behind the MC that they thought was the ideal type of 4MC. After the first choice, Ji-won and Hanchoim appeared, there were heartfelt soldiers who hurt the MC. Seo Eun-gwang and Son Young-woon changed their minds immediately.

‘Find the ideal type’ corner was ‘one-sided single test’. Corporal Nayunho, a 10-year fan of Jeon Hyosung, was chosen as the last person. However, between the date ticket with Jeon Hyo-sung and the three-day four-day vacation card, Sergeant Nae chose a vacation card and laughed.

After the ‘find the ideal type’ corner, the girl group Wiki Miki’s first stage and the ‘Nanda Kim’ Kim Sook-‘Troking ” Unconditional ‘stage, and Liam Kim and Sandarabak’s adult dance took place.

In addition to the dance stage led by Corporal Choi Byung-gak from BTS backup dancer, Corporal Kim Yun-chan’s beat box was also revealed. The most popular award was given by Corporal Choi Byung-gak and eight others, and the first place with four-day and five-day vacations was awarded by Corporative Yoon Hyo-seop and six other teams.

The highlight corner is ‘My mother is sure’. ‘Paper Stage’ Popeye Sang-yong Lee took special steps. The mother said that she was second, personal, and not tall enough for her son, and ten soldiers appeared shouting, “My mother is certain.” B1A4 Shin Woo has also been on stage.

Mom and son met through OX quiz. Tightly hugging mother and son blushed. All the comrades shouted “Don’t cry” and shared the impressions. The son gave a big bouquet to his mother after a big bow. My son was given a 4 night 5 day vacation card. Son left the stage with his mother.

Lee Sang-yong said it was 25 years, and he said, “I’m the same, but I’m old.”

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