Monto opened his debut showcase at the Hana Tour V Hall in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of April 4 and announced his ambition to become “The national representative of K-pop.”

Monto was composed of leader Chan Chan and main vocalist Shaun and Laparroda. The members introduced the name of the net Korean name “the delegate built it”.

Montgrave’s interest in the Ganghwa idol and Ganghwa idol has been revealed with the release of JTBC audition program ‘Mix Nine’ at the time of his appearance in Ganghwa Island as a trainee.

The members said it was the best thing to get a job. “It took me an hour to go to a convenience store (in Ganghwa Island).

For his debut album, “Going Up,” he said, “I can show you a lot about Monte’s growth.”

My debut song is ‘Do not tell me.’ Montmartin’s three-color, three-color charm enough to warn the members of the song “The song is a song that can be enjoyed both sexually.”

Prior to his debut, Monto held solo concerts in Israel, Brazil, Poland, and India and formed fandom in 41 countries. “We have had a lot of communication through Insta Live and we have come to ask for overseas,” said Debt Saon. “Israel, Brazil, Poland and India were lucky to have a solo concert before their debut.”

Nara-chan, who is a senior singer who wants to collaborate together, said “I want to try it.” Nara-chan, Big Bang, Debt Saona, Winner and Roda are Zico.

He also emphasized friendliness by saying “I do not want to abandon” modifiers such as clean idol and Ganghwa idol through the last greetings.

Announced at 6 pm on this day.

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