In MBC program “My Little TV V2” broadcasted on June 2, Jung Hyung Don, Exo Chan Yul & Sehun, Yeo Esther and Kim Guura were broadcasted.

On the day, Jung Hyung-don and Maxi appeared in a showdown with a comic book singer. Jung Hyung-don expressed concern that “comic songs may have generational differences.” However, in practice, the problem came before the strongest.

Then, a serious problem began. The greatest man started singing and in a second he screamed the right answer. The best-runner, who was able to spare his spare time, handed over his right-of-way priority to Jung Hyung-Don and Axi-Team.

However, she exclaimed ‘Detective Conan’ on ‘Digimon Adventure’ and Jung Hyung Don said “We did not have a drum beat like this. We did not have a digital world.”

Nevertheless, the atmosphere only flourished. Jung Hyung-don was able to barely cope with the “Grand Daiser” problem and sing a song, and he took up memories.

In the end, in the comic song match, the strongest man won. Jong Hyung Don said, “This is recognition.”

The next best-in-class released the ‘serializing’ issue. “I have a lot of cereal diet, so I can distinguish it precisely,” she said confidently.

But the results have been reversed in reverse. The best player was scammed by Jang Sung-gyu and failed the verification problem. In the full-fledged confrontation with Axi, he won only one of the five cereals. She did not even catch one.

So Jung Hyung Don said, “What is this? I just did what I was supposed to do.”

Next, “Confrontation with bare hands” confrontation and “Change clothes to turn hula hoop” confrontation was revealed. In an egg-breaking match, Jung Hyung-don was defeated by the strongest player, and in the hula hoop showdown, the strongest player was defeated by Song Ha-young.

On the other hand, Exo-chan and Se-hoon channel prepared ‘Convenience store food honey combination room broadcasting’. In this corner, chef Lee Won Il appeared as a surprise guest and released a recipe for ‘Convenience Store Land’.

The viewers who watched the broadcast gave a creative name to the land and laughed. Chan-yul chastised the comments of various former candidates, “My name is I, is it delicious?” Sehun was convinced, “This is the first, this is the first.”

Unusual ID also attracted attention. When he pointed out that one viewer was not too good at it, he did not stop laughing. Sehun responded with a smile, saying, “I had such an identity before.”

The recipe was then released. After all the dishes were over, Jung Hyung-don entered the Exor channel and laughed at the land and ramen noodles.

Then, Esther and Moon Se-yoon continued to introduce nutritional supplements. The two men had great fun with viewers of “Tikitaka” Kimi.

Kim Guura, Chang Young-Ran, and Seung-yoon Lee have revealed a massage for spine health. Experts have corrected Lee Seung-yun’s body and made a remarkable result of a height of 0.9cm increase. But he also laughed for a moment, magic of diminishing heights each time.

Later, the live broadcast ended. Song Ha-young was surprised to announce the total donation amount of 27,136,400 won. All members of Maritel have cheered for the achievement of excellence.

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