On the night of the 10th night, the TV commercial education program “Life Docu My Way,” two marriages of actors, an affair confessed by a widowed husband, and heritage were revealed.

“My mother told me that she introduced me to a good man,” said Kwon Ju, the first widowed husband. “I was a dentist and my father was a dentist.”

“I knew it was tuberculosis. I cough later, the blood came out. Everything is good. Pulmonary tuberculosis. When I live, I should check my health first. I did not seem to live like that, so I got rid of it. “

“I am twenty-nine years old. It is time for thirty to fail, “recalled the wound of the bereaved. After that, she said she was worried about her and encouraged her to live as a widow.

Later, I met my second husband. I started living with the idea of ​​fateful love. It was a big spike on the mother’s breast that she wanted to live alone. He had a hard time with his husband because of his difficult family situation. My mother did not give her daughter a penny.

“I saw that my mother looked sorry for me later. It was my first time at that time, “he said. I bought a house, “she said, adding that she had just married her second husband.

“I did not give birth to a child because I did my homework,” he explained.

The ruler suffered another wound. The second husband of the ranch said he had an affair. He liked to be out of the house, he liked to play and drink.

Her husband had three other women. She said, “I went to Paju and my husband was three. I had to do my research, but I always believed.”

The TV drama ‘Life Docu My Way’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of October 10, depicts the story of a full-time actor.

The ruler suffered two marriages and two bereavement. The first marriage that started with the sanctification of the mother was the beginning of tears for the whole country.

She said, “When my mother tried to find a good man, she met me. I was already sick from my first meeting. I did not know. I was coughing and bleeding. “

He said, “My mom is very handsome and she likes her because she likes her family.” I had to check my health, which was the cause of my marriage failure. I did not live like living, and I went away. “

The sled son and the rest of the country returned home after three years of marriage. Although she refused to marry her, she decided to marry him at the first meeting with a man she had accidentally met at a meeting of acquaintances. He started with his mother’s opposition.

“I met him and he was crazy. Nothing showed up. Eventually, she was kicked out by her mother. I lived in a fifty-thousand-won sagle room in the Mori Cemetery. When the wind blew, the house shook. It was not a person’s house, “he recalled.

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