In the 13th episode of JTBC drama ‘The Wind Busted’, which was broadcast on the 8th, the tearful efforts of Sujin (Kim Ha-shin), who is trying to regain the memory of Daehun (Gam Woo Sung), was portrayed. In the memory of Dhun, the current Sujin is gone, but the date of the two people who recall the memories and recall the memories of the past was annoyed. Dhun ‘s memories gradually grew to the past. Dhun and Su – jin, who fell in love again in memory that they could not catch, shone brighter than pain.

On the day of the broadcast, Sujin was hurt when he saw how he forgot his self. Someday it will come to a close, but the reality that I faced was that I was having a hard time. “I love you so much, I will never forget,” Sua (Yun Ji-hyeon) was not comforting. The memory of Dohun did not come back to the ceremony of Aram (Hongje) who woke up every morning.

However, Sujin was not shaken, and there was hope. The remembrances of Sujin and Aram remained as a sculpture. Looking at the butterfly painting, Sujin began to tell the story of his own knowledge. I met my first college campus, the bus stop that Dowhun came up to, the first kissed stone wall. Sadly, the moral virtues fell into the story of Sujin. I repaired the fountain pens that Dhun had kept treasured and presented them again. The memories still have not returned, but the two people who were re-enacting the past and building new memories were once again in love.

Sujun planned a trip with Dohun so that Dhoon could find his memory. I was planning to spend some time in my honeymoon home. At the end of a small and happy day, Doyun, sitting opposite the table, remembered the letter he wrote with Aram. In the mailbox, a card with a fountain pen presented by Sujin was cherished. ‘I can hear the breath. I can feel love. Thank you very much, “Sujin said with tears.

Sohjin’s heart, which reminded him of all his memories and reminded him of the love of the past and present, was deeply echoed. I lost my memory, but instinctively, Su Jin and the shape of the dohun again fell in love. Dhun and Sujin ‘s dating memories showed today’ s excitement and love, not of the past. Every day is a miracle, and I did not have to remember to be with you. The love of Doshin and Sujin is no longer influenced by memories or shaken by reality.

The next morning, Doyun, who woke up in the morning, saw the traces of dohun and sujin in the house. Happiness in ordinary everyday life was annoying. The first encounter of the two people, Susan looked at the portraits he had drawn, and added a happy smile on his lips, adding to his two journeys. Sujin’s efforts to reclaim Lumi Chocolate have also continued. Sujin finds out that the daughter of the head of the department (Han Chin) ‘s daughter is a patent holder and finds a winner.

On the other hand, ‘The wind is blowing’ is broadcast on the 9th at 9:30 pm JTBC on the 14th.

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