Tiger JK and singer Beji appeared as guests on KBS Kool FM ‘Lee’s House of Songs’ on 31st.

On this day, Tiger JK showed live “I Love You Too”, a song released last year by saying, “Today is Yoon Mi-rae’s birthday.

Then, DJ Lee Soo-ji asked, “How did you do that?” Asked Yoon Mi-rae in a wedding dress at KBS2 entertainment program ” Tiger JK said, “Do not people say it melts. It melted when the wife saw her wearing a wedding dress.”

Tiger JK also showed affection for his son Jordan. “I watched my video, including YouTube, and cheered me up and said, ‘Fortress advises me that this is more prevalent.’ “If Jordan is going to do something like this,” he says, “then my dad’s color disappears.” Then he said, “It’s a little fashionable now.”

Listeners laughed at the response, saying, “Who Choi Sae Jong is a lover, who cares if Chae Inpyo is a lover, and Tiger JK is a true lover?”

On the other hand, Tiger JK said, “We are going to the government office from the festival to the street performance and doing the market festival.” He said, “It’s because the communication is so disconnected,” he said, “It’s because of these people (the masses) that we do not play music, but when we first started it was not suitable for broadcasting. I was invited to the proposal of Lee So-la. ” “I did not know that it was going to be such a topic, but it seemed to be the stage where I could find the beginner again,” he said. He said.

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