The other party is South Korea’s representative of the shared office service company wework Cha Min-geun (American Matthew Champain) who formalized his relationship in August.

An official in the entertainment industry said on October 4, “The two make a hundred-year contract in mid-December.”

Soo-hyun and Cha Min-keun gathered the topic by publicly revealing the relationship between the couples shortly after the association was reported in late August. The two of them knew their acquaintances two years ago, and developed into a serious relationship that promises the future earlier this year.

The story of two people’s devotees, which caught the public’s attention, is the story of Mr. Cha Min-geun, who now became a “preliminary husband.” He is a representative of Korea, a global shared office company, Wework, which has 20 branches in Seoul and Busan. His American name, adopted to the United States as a child, is Matthew Champain, who was reunited with his birth mother in 2007 and is known as Cha Min-keun.

Soohyun, who became a prospective bride, appeared in Hollywood blockbusters one after another and became a global star representing Korea. Specifically, Suhyun entered the overseas stage through the popular series ‘Marco Polo’ of Netflix’s global OTT service. He played a major role in the Crime of the Fields and Grindelwald.

She is currently filming a 13 billion masterpiece drama ‘Kimaira’ that is scheduled to air in the second half of this year. 

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