In the 9th episode of “Top Star Yu Baek,” broadcasted on the 11th TVN series, Yu-Baek (Kim Ji-seok) finally got off the island and was tired of not knowing what to do with the miserable mind that misses Kangsun. However, when he learned the true meaning of extreme ending, he began to decorate the ending with a kissing kiss, announcing the start of full-fledged romance.

Milk left the island. The scenes of a milky painful pain in the river which turned his heart were drawn and the audience ‘s heart was echoed. The first to leave the island to visit her mother, Milwauk poured out the pain of what had hurt each other. Yu Baek, who was driving in such a broken state, missed Kangsun and headed for the road.

Yu Baek, who had been staying at a resort in Dao, stayed at a resort with a car wheel. He received a phone call from him and called him again in anticipation of the arrival of Kang Soon. But he called off the phone to the voice of Madol and said ” “He said. Then, like GangSun, he floated in the water. It’s warm and cozy and it’s just cold. ”

Yu Baek, who came back to the remote state again, accidentally got a bouquet at Dongchun’s parents’ wedding at the resort and witnessed a marathon (a photo of Lee Sang-yeop) and a photographer. Since then, his appearance of looking at the sea alone has been bitter.

Yu Baek, who gave up everything and went on a trip, went to the park feeling something strange on the contact with Nam, which is a park near the house. Yu-buk, who met with Kang Soon, shed tears and showed a sadness to Gangsun who sincerely expressed his heart. However, he soon learned the truth and rushed, approached Gangsun, and delivered a deep kiss to decorate the Simchung ending.

On this day, Kim Ji-seok unleashed the hearty and profound truth about Gangsun, who was deeply rooted in his mind, and led the audience’s empathy. Moreover, it expresses in detail the intricate and intricate inner surface of the complex, and offers deep echo and deep refreshment. Especially, Kim Ji-seok’s sad voice and eyes that melted into milky characters have attracted the viewers by raising the temperature of the theater, and it is said that Kim Ji-seok has recorded the peak of romance.

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