Moon Kyung-tae, who said that he was aiming for 10% initially, said he could not feel the audience rating. 

‘Mistroot’ Moon Kyung-tae PD interviewed Exporters News on the 3rd of March in Gwanghwamun, Jung-gu, Seoul. Mistrott, which lasted two days, proved tremendous popularity by recording 18.114% (Nielsen Korea nationwide pay-per-view) of the last time. Comprehensive channel performance Entertainment The highest audience rating is also a new record. 

The momentum of ‘Mistroot’ was not uncommon from the first. 5%. Moon PD remembers the first broadcast, “I remember having caught a big greed, aiming for the first audience rating and 10% of the final rating (audience rating).” I thought, ‘I thought this program was getting stronger.’ 

Moon PD said, “I thought that the viewers’ reaction would come right up to the participants’ stage, and when they did it, the participants were really good at stage preparation, and I thought, ‘This is going to get better results. All of the ballots of this increase in audience ratings were given to the participants. In fact, ‘Mistroot’ made the audience cry and laugh with the stage of many participants such as Songgain, Hongja, Jung Mi Ae, Kim Yang, and Kim Soo Yoo. 

How did you feel about the last report card? “Unexpectedly,” said PD ” I did not see people when I was only making. I do not have any contact with anyone around me and I do not know the outside air. “

“I do not have any more than 20%.” “No answer at all”. In the meantime, “I think PD is the program that makes the program important, but I thought that it was a great success even if it was only 10%. I was over it,” he said. It was getting better and better. ” 

This popularity is followed by ‘Miss Trout’ special. It will be produced in 4 episodes including the broadcasting. Moon PD said, “If you showed the stage mainly in this broadcast, I will show you a detailed story about the special, I will try to take the point of watching mainly people.” 

Season 2 is also under discussion. ‘Mr Trout’ connecting ‘Miss Trout’ is being produced. Moon PD said, “I am talking about ‘Mistroot’ because I have a reaction, so I’m talking about being produced within this year.” “It is a trot by men, and I wonder if there will be another trot audition with color.” 

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