I found a gift that helped Hong Hye-gul to transform himself into a positive personality. But I could not find my first love.

KBS 1TV ‘TV on Love’ was broadcast on the 14th, Hong Hye-gul and Esther couple appeared. Hong Hye-geul is the first medical journalist in Korea and F. Esther is a doctor of preschool education. 

On this day, the client is Hong Hye – geul. Hong Hye-geul, who appeared with her, said, “I do not think I have always believed in me as a medical student. “I want to find my first love and the two teachers I respect most.”

Hong Hye – geul said, “I have not had a lot of presence in my elementary school years, and from the first grade to the fourth grade, I am a driving force that has made me really confident and able to broadcast to the public in front of the camera.

In the meantime, “I have a teacher, Hwang Ki-woo, who is a teacher of 9th grade in elementary school.” “And I want to see my face and my first love Kim Nam-kyung.

Hong Hye-gul was separated from Esther and moved with Kim Yong-man and Yun Jung-soo. “I had a lot of teachers in elementary school from 1st to 4th grade.” In the fifth grade, a very young bachelor teacher came to me, “said Hong Hye-gul, said.

He said, “I can remember now, the word is fast, it is fast, the personality is urgent, and I have seen different aspects from the teacher until now.” The most important thing is that you have to read a lot of books as well as examinations at school.

I read a book a day, 50 volumes of a whole volume of the World Literature Literature in order to receive praise from the teacher in my heart. I spent a lot of time studying and studying, but I was more tired in my fifth year than any exam or study. “

Hong Hye-gul said that he had changed his mind as well as he wanted to show his first love. After I remembered my first love, I said, “It resembles a rhododendron flower, it does not resemble a face, I like that style, it is more colorful and more individualistic.”

Hong Hye – geul went to Chongjindae. Hong Hye – gul met Mr. Hwang Gi – Woo here. Hong Hye-gul said, “I’ll really know right away.” “I’m sorry I found it late.” Hwang Ki-woo was warmly welcomed by saying, “You have come to be such a wonderful person.” Hong Hye-gul said, “I am grateful to the teacher for encouraging me and praising me.”

But I could not find my first love Kim Nam Kyung. Hong Hye-geul puts up a letter to Kim Nam-kyung and said, “I have good feelings when I was young and I do not feel ashamed to meet again after 40 years. 

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