Alberto Mondi, the 13th year of his life in Korea, visited Kim Ki-cheon, the greatest helping person in Korea. The two boasted of warm friendship.

On KBS 1TV ‘TV with love’ broadcast on the 17th afternoon, Alberto Mondi met Kim Ki-cheon, who helped me a great deal when he started living in Chuncheon, Korea, 13 years ago.

Mondi met her wife while studying in China. “My wife and I first met in China while studying abroad,” said Monty. “My wife had a farewell meeting after finishing her studies in 2006. At the time, I gave a letter to my wife at the farewell party and gave her a present. From that time, a long distance thumb started. I have been sending and receiving emails for over a year. ”

Kim Chi-cheon, who Mondy finds, has been a great help in adapting to life in Korea. Mondi asked his wife to find a place to stay in Korea. At the time, my wife asked for help from Kim Ki-cheon, and Mondi lived at the Sheer House where Kim Ki-cheon was staying. Mondi communicated with Kim Ki-cheon in early Chinese life.

Mondi was a guide to Chuncheon of Yongman Kim and Yun Jung Soo. The three people felt the feeling of Chuncheon while leisurely watching the oilfield.

Thirteen years ago, Mondie had difficulty finding a boarding house where she lived. Kim Yong – man condemned Alberto Mondi for failing to find a ten – year – old boarding house. After Alberto Mondi wandered around, he found a homestead with memories. Monty recalled her life in Korea 13 years ago at her lodgings. There were memories of Mondi and Kimcheon in the boarding house. Monty recalled memories of the past.

Mondi also received a consultation on romance with Kim Ki-cheon. At the time, Mondie put a bikini photo of her neighborhood friends on her visit. Kim Ki-cheon told Monty to take the picture, but eventually he caught the picture from his girlfriend.

Mondie decided to settle in Korea with her wife after four years of devotion. Mondi proposed to her wife 8 years ago and married at a hotel in Chuncheon. “I really wanted to invite Kim Ki-cheon, but I could not invite him,” he said.

Yun Jung-soo came to Kim Ki-cheon, who was looking for Mondi in earnest. Yun Jung-soo tried to contact with the news that he had been studying at Tsinghua University in China from the close motive of Kim Kyu-cheon. “TV was loaded with love” visited Tsinghua University in China. Through Tsinghua University, I succeeded in finding the office where Kim Ki-chun works.

Mondi said that Kim Ki – chun seemed to have a good first button to life in Korea. “I have never talked in Korean before,” he said, “so I have to worry about it.”

Mondi was reunited with Kim Ki-chun at the Chuncheon campus of Kangwon National University. Mondie ran to Kim Ki-cheon in a month. The two hugged in 13 years. Monty said, “I think my brother is the same.” Kim Ki-cheon came from Beijing to Seoul to meet Mondi. Kim Ki-cheon said he had seen Mondi’s broadcast activity by chance.

Kim Ki-cheon and Mondi had a meal at the house of chicken ribs. Kim Ki-cheon met Mondi’s first day in Korea. Kim said, “I was surprised that there was still this kind of panganin (seeing Mondi).” He was worried about what he would do here. The reason why I was so nervous was that I saw a friend who came to Korea and watched only love without doing anything. ”

Kim Ki-cheon also wrote on Mondi’s SNS. However, Mondie did not see the Kim Sung-cheon’s SNS article. The two of them shared the news while they were away in earnest. I also made a video call with Mondi’s wife, who succeeded Mondi and Kim Ki-cheon. Kim Chi-cheon and Mondi’s wife had a good time sharing their joy. “If you were someone other than your brother, you would not have settled in Korea,” said Monty. “I had a roommate with another person in the graduate school, but it is hard to do. My brother seemed to be at home because he was as good as his family. “

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